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A new, wonderful joy — playing chess remotely with my brilliant grandson.

These days, my greatest joy is playing chess with grandson Peter Newton, who celebrated his fifth birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday Peter.

This is him with his new camouflage camera which someone gave him. Not me. I gave him five books on chess, including this one:

This lady didn’t learn chess until she was 9. So Peter’s got four years on her. Maybe, one day, he will become a Grand Master, too.

Peter is in Portland and I’m in upstate New York. We play chess on a beautiful site called

Oh yes, the stock market.

Ed says he’s not a genius.

He just looks over the charts of the stocks he owns and puts in orders at key support levels where he would like to buy.  Those prices he snagged yesterday were from orders he put a month or ago.  He says “That’s how to buy the pullbacks.”

You can read his brilliance (my word, not his) in yesterday’s blog. Click here.

And then there’s bitcoin

If you ran snail races, you would get people to bid on them. BubbleVision would feature learned talking heads who could explain how to pick the fastest snail by its color/size/hereditary, etc.

That’s how I feel about bitcoin. Up and down for reasons I don’t understand, no matter how many learned talking heads I listen to. Here’s movement in the last month:

My point? Everybody’s home is now a gambling casino. You can’t go traveling. You can’t go out eating. You can’t go mall shopping. But you can gamble at home.

Every day there’s something new to gamble on. Cramer talked last night about the three (over-priced) electric charging companies — SBE, TPGY and CLII. Check out their charts. They just went vertical.

I feel sad when I miss out on gains from hot sectors. I like to pick stocks that I have a smattering of knowledge. But I will acknowledge luck. Who knew of gains in ENPH, NET, CRWD, PTON and ETSY — my five biggest percentage winners.

I love reading obituaries

Today’s New York Times rewarded me with a wonderful headline.

Sadly, the superb headline got censored. It doesn’t appear anywhere on the New York Times website.

Upstate New York

It’s snowing. Fortunately our one-gig fiber Internet line is still working. Our indoor tennis courts are booming — with occupancy rates any hotel would die for — we’re over 80%.

See you tomorrow — Harry Newton