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Two nice days up.

Second day up. Not sure why. I’ll take it.

Three fundamental reasons: The vaccine. The stimulus bill. The huge innovation brought on by new technology, and accelerated by the pandemic.

I’ve been eyeing the Internet of Things. It’s exploding. Can’t find the one stock to benefit big-time, yet.

Some of my favorite stocks are down today — like SPWR, PLTR, MRNA, FCEL and FSLY. Not sure why. But they’re all above what I paid for them. I still like them.

Best advice: Don’t focus on day-to-day movements. Focus on finding great companies. We have a list. See the right hand column on the web site.

Gamestop moves along, mostly down big time

Here’s the last five days:

CNBC interviewed Kyle Bass this morning. He said, “We live in a post truth world. He who tells the best story wins.”

He also said “Best to focus on human innovation, not human failure.”

Stocks are not shortable because they’re high. The successful  shorts have been frauds.

He sounded as if he had given up shorting to focus on human innovation. That’s what I focus on.

How relevant is processor speed?

The faster the processor of you laptop the better. This chart is neat because it show the huge variations in processors available on laptops made by Lenovo, Dell and others.

I have two laptops with the fast i7-10710U processor. I need the speed because I routinely have five software programs open simultaneously. The line to read is CPU Mark in brown. Amazing differences in speed. You can check your own laptop’s processor out here.

As a reporter I love this stuff

From front page, New York Times:

Still Making the Cut
Magicians have been sawing people, mostly lovely assistants, in half for little more than a century now. See page C1.

For the sawing story, click here.

There’s snow business like …

Rosie went out to do her business. She disappeared into the snow. She did her thing and came right back in.

Our wonderful future

GM has announced by 2035 it will make only electric cars. A reader sent this:

A good place to park?

These two grandkids are about to learn chess. Zoe (left) and Sophie.

This way they can play Peter, age 5, the present family champion.

Rosie’s just pooed in the the middle of the pathway. I’m warned to tread warily. An avatar for GameStop.

My biopsy turned out to be benign.  I sold my one share of GME at a total $81.72 loss. Stupid.

Today’s “BIG FORCE” is millions of bored people stuck at home with a laptop, a high-speed Internet connection, a pocket full of spare change, a free trading account on Robinhood and access to social media. Check out

See if you are smart enough to figure out what’s going on.

Life is interesting. See you tomorrow. Harry Newton