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Horrid agita.

Yesterday. Another house gone. No reason to rue the house. My home owning days are over.

Houses are a pain. I received ten pages of New York City forms. I need to tell them we have child-proof guards on our windows. Relevant information —  since all the people living in the apartment (Susan and me) are between 78 and death.

The agony of watching one’s wealth evaporate hour-by-hour yesterday is easily solved. Don’t watch. Nap. Tennis. Netflix.

The reason for yesterday’s huge drop? Bond yields went up. The 10-year Treasury note jumped to 1.54%, up from 1.38% on Wednesday.

To my tiny brain, that seems a small move. But my bond friends tell me it’s huge — an 11.6% increase in interest rates in one day!

Today MarketWatch tells me the 10-year Treasury note is 1.47%, a massive 5.5% drop.

Hence, futures are up, a little. Which means nothing. In fact, the market opened strongly and is now dropping!

Clearly, many investors are despairing of the craziness (aka volatility) and are departing.

This departing “strategy” have never worked for me. I can never luck the timing of when to get back in. Hence I lose half the recovery when it comes — which will be sharp and where all the real money is made.

Right now, the best “strategy” for me to to do nothing. Stick with what I have and pray that my largest positions — including Apple and Amazon, Nvidia, Generac and PayPal — will perk up and recover something of what they lost yesterday.

It’s only 10:30 AM and three-quarters of the “gains” I had at the 9:30 AM open have evaporated.

The best part of life today is that hackneyed word “innovation.”

+ Tesla: One day you’ll drive it work. You’ll get out and it will drive itself to first person who wants to use it for their trip…then the next person. The idea is that you’ll make money on renting your car. Your own a moving Airbnb.

+ Twitter: New features — like voice, and video, conferencing, town halls — will drive advertising. Be more competitive against Snapchat Clubhouse and Facebook.

+ The Trade Desk. Advertising is swarming social media. hard to understand where to place your advertising. Let TTD help you.

Now my portfolio is losing money. And it’s less than an hour into trading.

Comment on our times.

I wish that were funny.

Got to find a path to less pain. I did a great down-the-line backhand. That will do it for today.

See you tomorrow. — Harry Newton