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Was too easy. The selloff is for real. Now is god time to buy.

Was too easy. The selloff is for real. Now is god time to buy. But, hurry, it’s coming back fast this afternoon.

But I have no idea where we’re going next.

Except that I like the shares I own. And I think fast-growing tech growth stocks will never go out of big-time favor.

And I’m doing what Ed is doing –nibbling at Apple, CrowdStrike, TelaDoc, Chewy, Pinterest, PayPal, Nvidia, and ServiceNow.

I looked at the Dow 30 because there’s talk of it on the “rotation.” We’re rotating.

In the Dow Jones 30, I could only get excited by DIS, GE, HD and Nike, all of which I own already. And I own them for the long-term.

I don’t understand how the move up in bond rates is such a huge factor. Except to talk endlessly about it on BubbleVision (CNBC).  But the bond market is much much larger than the equity market.  I do understand  one thing Cramer was talking about last night: There’s been a HUGE increase in places to put your money. Don’t believe me. Check out Click here. 

Blind Freddie took advantage of the huge tech boom — and raised money for his company, went public, peddled shares to the public. Amazing how fast you can raise money when the market is screaming hot (which it’s not any longer).

I don’t believe it will fall much below where it is today. I also believe that many of our big growth stocks — like PayPal, CrowdStrike, DocuSign, Tesla and TelaDoc are being hit by short selling. There could be huge bounce, In fact, look at the bounce in Amazon this Friday afternoon. (It’s now 1:35 PM EST.)

For the weekend:

Go through the stocks you own. One by one. Ask yourself: Would you be happy to own these stocks five years from now? And if the answer is YES, don’t worry about the crazy gyrations we’re going through. Accept that it has nothing to do with the fundamentals of the companies we own.. We’re just going through a little craziness. Go through the fundamentals of each company you want to own. Good weekend exercise.

Useful tips

+ Sticky zippers? Use Chap Stick to lubricate them. This really works.

+ My laptop wouldn’t take my Windows password. I couldn’t remember the clues to change it. I was freaking. Then I noticed. My shift key was stuck. I blew on. It came unstuck. A crummy problem. (Bad pun.). Blow out last night’s snack. Bingo, everything worked.

+ It’s always the cables. They can sit untouched for 10 years. Then suddenly, they don’t work. Unplug them. Plug them in. Then change them. I don’t know what’s in the air that affects cable. But something does.

Fun cartoon

That’s it. I’m off to play tennis. I’m still trying for that perfect down-the-line, one-handed backhand. Federer can do it. He makes it look so easy. Why not me?

– Harry Newton