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Strategies on playing this market. Why your next car will be electric. Actually useful techie tips.

Many hot stocks are ebbing. But our favorites are exploding.

Some more stock management tips:

If you like the stock, buy more. If you don’t and you’ve passed your stop loss threshold, dump it.

Taking early losses is the essence of sound risk management. There are three reasons for this:

+ You can’t predict anything — earnings or buzz.

+ Falling in love with stocks is fatal.

+ There are plenty of other stocks to fall in love with — ones that will do better than the ones you fell in love with last week.

Tech is back in favor. Hence I’m now losing money on “Economy Opening” stocks, like Airbnb ((ABNB).

Big surprise — a stock I recommended for its high dividend — MO (Altria) — and only for its 7+% dividend — is up 21.2% in my portfolio. Go figure.

Todd K. gave me MO. He’s a genius. I know because he told me so.

His next recommendation is the ETF MJ (as in Maryjane or Marihuana). MJ hasn’t done much recently. But it does yield 2.54% which is better than you can get at your local thieving bank. Please do not write me and tell me this recommendation is going up in smoke. Which, of course, is precisely what I hope it does.

The last I smoked the stuff was 30 years ago. It was nice and mellow then. Now it’s too strong. I’m too old and crabby. Tennis is more fun.

The biggest gainer in my portfolio today is a Maryjane stock — CRWG, up 9.2%. The second biggest is OKTA, up 7.3%, because Cramer gave  them a big plug last night, with a big CEO interview and oodles of hype. I sold half my OKTA this morning. The CEO is not overly impressive. Too much talk about the massive addressable market and all that BS.

Your next car will be electric

Here’s why:

+ By next year there’ll be 30+ models in a myriad of designs — one of which will please you. My son Michael likes the Hyundai Kona EV.

+ Few of us need more than 250 miles a day. I’ve been driving fewer than 50 miles a day for the last year.

+ Electric cars have virtually no moving parts. Hence no maintenance, except rotating and replacing tires.

+ They cost “nothing to run.” According to Solar Reviews, the average cost to fully charge a Tesla Model X is $15.29. There are charging stations all over. Some are free. More are popping up every day.

What about this beauty? An electric car with a solar roof that can go 75 to 100 miles just sitting in the sun.

+ EVs are fun to drive — what with awesome acceleration and neat electronics.

+ You’re doing something for the environment — like not pumping crap into it.

+ Gas car stink. Ever stood near a gas car’s exhaust?

+ You get $7,500 (or so) of tax credits from the Feds to motivate you to buy one.

Friends who have an electric car says they’ll never buy a gas one — ever again.

Why do I think this is funny?

I’m setting up a new Windows laptop.

I  start Microsoft’s browser which is called Edge.

I type one word — “Download.”

Immediately it asks me if Id like to download Google Chrome (its major competitor)?

I say “Yes.”  And that was, of course, the last time I used Edge.

Techie stuff

+ Using one Apple AirPod is perfect for phone calls.

+ If it works, don’t mess with it — like “upgrading.”

+ It’s always the cable or the batteries.

+ Once you’re on your stepladder, replace all the light bulbs with 3000K LED bulbs. You won’t have to fall off the ladder ever again.

+ Be unique. Don’t fall on the last step going down. Everyone else does.

+ Bluetooth connections blow up.  Pair again.

+ Keep old, good  software. I prefer old, non-bloated software that works.

+ If you dunk your cell phone, turn it off, keep it warm and away from rice, which doesn’t work.

+ If your laptop is suddenly getting very hot, turn it off, and remove gunk from exit holes. If you have a mind, unscrew it and clean it out.

+ Email is the most unreliable piece of dog-do-do around. The phones work better.

+ If you’re working from home, have your office phone automatically ring your cell phone.

Family picture gallery

This is happy Zoe, grandchild.

This is sad Zoe. On the left is her ogre mother (my daughter), who just threw out Zoe’s favorite toy:

Poor Zoe. Mean mother.

We live on a dirt road. Susan had her car washed in the local fancy automated car wash. Now she drives mine, which is decidedly downscale and gives dirty a whole new meaning. Go figure.

See you tomorrow or so. — Harry Newton