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Today’s crash is a buying opportunity

Yesterday Dow rose  more than 200 points (0.7%), while Nasdaq fell 67.6 points (O.48%). This was profoundly depressing because I own many Nasdaq stocks.

Today the Dow is falling 350 points (0.54%), while the Nasdaq is falling 360 points (2%). This is profoundly depressing, again.

You can revel in today’s misery. You can play tennis. (I’ve done that already.) …

Or you can eye the economy: It’s doing super well. People are flush with cash. They’re trying to spend it on cars, houses, appliances, plane trips — anything they can get their hands on. Which is not easy, given the shortages of everything from semi-conductors to houses, to airline seats, to lumber, to drywall.

Every manufacturer and their uncle is working to ramp up production, overcome the bottlenecks and make pots of money for their shareholders.

Hence this week’s share price decline is blessing in disguise.

It’s says, in clear terms, “BUY. BUY. BUY.” My “logic” says buy non-tech stocks that will benefit from the economy’s boom:

AAPL  Apple
AMZN  Amazon
CLF  Cleveland Cliffs
COST  Costco
F  Ford
GE  General Electric
GNRC  Generac
HD  Home Depot
JETS   ETF for airlines
LOW  Lowes
LUV  Southwest Airlines
MGA  Magna International
MA  MasterCard
MO  Altria (for the high yield)
NKE  Nike
PYPL  PayPal
UNP  Union Pacific
V  Visa
WMT  Walmart
WY  Weyerhaeuser
X  United States Steel

How to solve the extended warranty phone call

From reader, Jeff,

+ “I am so glad you called. Our mechanic said our engine is about to seize. How quickly can you get me signed up?”

Our latest buy from Tractor Supply

I assembled it and took Rosie for a spin.

Our “mega-buys” at Tractor Supply must be working. Here’s the last year.

The Tractor Supply “story” is perfect for today:

Tractor Supply Company is an American retail chain of stores that offers products for home improvement, agriculture, lawn and garden maintenance, livestock, equine and pet care.-

Sounds like I need to buy more TSCO shares.

Useful reading

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Profoundly disappointing

Comments on life

Synergy in tenanting

I love this cover

Call for help

Does anyone know a good Miele dishwasher appliance dealer?

We’re getting two LG clothes washers from Home Depot. Delivery tomorrow. Cross your fingers.

Grandchildren in Oregon, with new dog (size not clear)

It’s Spring in Oregon. Here’s Eleanor doing a flower angel.

See you tomorrow, which is Cinco de Mayo. — Harry Newton