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Here are good news (that’s plural)

This morning:

As the chart shows, unemployment claims are falling — as the economy picks up. Read more here.

This morning in our front yard. Three Robins babies.

These bright blue eggs was them on April 27, nine days ago. They’re squirming away, demanding food, which the mother diligently keeps flying in.

She doesn’t like me photographing her babies with my iPhone.

My Moderna stock fell 6.2% yesterday

That was after Washington said it would share Moderna’s Covid patents with other countries.

There are objectors — the pharma industry and Republicans.

To my brain, we’re all in this together. A uncured pandemic in India or Africa will create more variants, which will come back to haunt us.

I’ll hold my Moderna and my JnJ. There are silver linings. New improvements. New drugs.

How to make money in Amazon

My friend, Steve, the brilliant day-trader, sent me this,. Read his comments on a “steady paycheck.”

Progress in appliances

Home Depot delivered, installed and tested two new LG Washers. They’re all a joy — Home Depot and LG.

That leaves Miele, the worst appliance company on the planet.

We have a busted Miele dishwasher. I have to replace it with a Miele because our front wooden panel was designed for the Miele and Susan likes Mieles — when they work.

Miele is backordered and none of its distributors will even guess when it might actually deliver a machine. There’s no information on Miele’s miserable web site and the company doesn’t answer its phones.

Home Depot and Lowes, naturally, won’t touch Miele dishwashers. Do you blame them?

The only takeaway from all this is; You are your own worst enemy. No one can shoot yourself in the phone better and more accurately than you can.

The winner in the shooter game is Miele.

If anyone knows anyone in Miele, please send them my comments.

After three days of solid rain..

The grass has gone brilliant green and leaves have popped here in Columbia County, New York.

Just outside my office’s window — a total joy. Susan and I planted it.

This year in investments

+ Interest rates won’t rise, despite Janet Yellin’s musings.

+ Friends are still refinancing their real estate at extraordinarily low interest rates — some under 3%. Refinancing is good.

+ The stockmarket is way high. If we get 10%-12% on our portfolio this year, I’d be way happy. I bet it will be more like 6% to 8%.

+ I’m guessing that FAANNG will spurt at some stage. I’m out of Netflix. Too much new competition.

+ I keep buying “industrial” stocks. Last nibbles include RSG, CLF, OTTR, WM.  I’ve also added to my holdings of TSCO, LOGI, HD, MGA, LUV, NVDA, and TSM.

+ Bill Gates owns a broad array of stocks. Having more money than God helps. There’s a list of 23 of his holdings here.

+ Today opened badly for us. It hasn’t been a good week. Good time to play tennis.

Silly but fun

Actually, I miss people with issues. I’m with Jamie Dimon — I’m sick of Zoom and isolation.

See you tomorrow — Harry Newton