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Sell in May and go away. Oops, too late.

Ed is fixing up his home office and not paying any attention to his crumbling portfolio.

Hedgies (hedge fund managers) are searching for The Magic Bullet in this awfulness.

They’re buying steel and aluminum companies — like CLF (Cleveland-Cliffs) and AA (Alcoa).

To fund their meshugas, they are selling all my core tech holdings — AAPL, AMZN, NVDA, PYPL,GNRC, FB and GOOGL.

Here’s the last ten days of Nasdaq.

Extreme ugliness.

This chart is depressing except when you realize we’ve been there, done that already this year.

Normally in this plunging market, I would be nibbling away at “bargains.” I did buy some LOW and some RBLX — largely because Cramer pounded the table for RBLX. I’m up a little. though it’s down today. Cramer’s pounding sometimes pounds the stock down. You have to be leery of his pounding, though I do love the enthusiasm.

I figure this downdraft will last a few more days. You might find some great bargains in the next day or two.

For now, the weather up here is gorgeous. Blue skies, 60 degrees, no wind. Perfect tennis weather. My friend Mark played golf yesterday. He tells me he’s good.

I’m surprised at how well multi-family residential real estate is doing. A friend points to his collecting 98.3% of his apartment  rents for April, and having fewer than half of one percent of his apartments vacant.

There’s been a wave of refis in residential and office, with rates as low as 2.5% for ten year paper. Making much real estate more valuable.

Crazy world we live in.

Favorite quotes from the Real Press

+ Smearing yourself in cow dung won’t cure Covid, Indian doctors warn, as country’s seven-day case rate hits new high.

+ Senator. Lindsey Graham’s was on Fox News. “I would just say to my Republican colleagues, Can we move forward without President Trump?” he told Sean Hannity on Thursday night. “The answer is no.”

+ The GOP is now the party of insurrectionists, voter suppression, and conspiracy theorists like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. The vote to chuck Liz Cheney confirms it. No facts. No truths. No shame.

Favorite cartoons

Some of my best friends, like Howard, think the cartoons above are funny.

Now we have our vaccines, we can — mercifully — be not afraid to laugh. Even at inanities.

Kale gets a bad rap.

All the businesses of my tech stocks are doing no worse (or better) because the price of their stocks has fallen.

See you tomorrow. — Harry Newton