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Moving on. More Fathers Day Presents. How to cook. Who to eat.

I sold my small holdings in two steel makers, Nucor and Cleveland Cliffs. I know the economy is coming back. But these two stocks are falling. There’s something about them I don’t understand — despite Cramer’s enthusiasm for them. I took my small profits and moved on.

That’s part  of my “investment” philosophy. Jump in with small positions. Watch and learn. If learn good, I invest more. Or dump them if I learn bad. My big success using this philosophy is Nvidia (NVDA). The more I learn, the more I like and the more I buy.

Industrials aren’t doing well today. But NVDA, AAPL, PYPL, NET, HUBS, AMZN, CRWD, TSM and my favorite GNRC certainly are. There isn’t anyone I know who isn’t scurrying to buy an emergency generator, or who doesn’t already have one.

More Fathers Day presents

+ This is a darling ultra-light-weight portable monitor. On your travels there are a million uses — from showing slides to someone across the table or using it as a second screen showing how your stocks are nicely moving up (like today). If you’re at home, it’s cheaper (and better) to buy two external monitors which you leave permanently at your desk. You can buy this travel Lenovo ThinkVision here.

+ This is the best webcam. It will make you look good — especially if you don’t have window with blinding light behind you. It’s Logitech.

Buy it here.

Previous Fathers’ Day presents were here.

A great conference for a great cause

Robin Hood is the best charity. They help poor people in New York City. They’ve done a wonderful job over the years, raising and spending billions for poverty relief. Yesterday was their investor conference. They were able to report –once again — that the cost of the conference was paid for by the board and JPMorgan. And that 100% of all conference fees went to the charity. Absolutely no management expenses.

The best presentation yesterday was Cathie Wood of Ark. Her firm does huge research and publishes it all on its web site. Click here.

This is hysterical

From the Wall Street Journal

The far-right group the Oath Keepers is splintering after board members accused the founder of spending its money on hair dye, steaks and guns. The leader of the Proud Boys, choked off from the financial system, is printing “Black Lives Matter” T-shirts to make money.

The finances of the two most visible groups with members involved in the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol are sputtering. Leaders are low on cash, struggling with defections and arguing with members over the future.

How New Yorkers cook

We were debating the pros and cons of gas versus electric induction cooking.

I asked my friend what his wife preferred. He said he didn’t have a wife and did all his cooking “by telephone.”

Which brings me to

I can’t stop laughing.

See you tomorrow. Harry Newton