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Make a list of what you don’t like. Save oodles of money and time. Here’s my NO list. Here’s my YES list: Buy: Moderna and Square

Another joins the bandwagon:

Cramer joined this bandwagon a few days ago: No Chinese stocks EVER.

Never. EVER.

Chinese stocks are cratering.

Make a list of NO NO  categories

Making such a list is as critical to successful investing as making a list of the good stuff you want to own.

In fact, knowing what’s bad will save you money and time …and let you focus on the good stuff.

Here’s my latest list of drek:

+ Chinese stocks.

+ Crypto.

+ Conventional banks.

+ Commodities — oil, lumber, soybeans, sugar, etc.

+ Cannabis.

+ Mining.

+ Energy

+ Any area you don’t understand, like dogecoin.

+ Stocks I don’t understand, like Palantir.

+ Wall Street’s latest fashion show, viz. Spacs.

And stocks which are politely called Cockroach  Stocks, like Boeing, whose planes seem to produce of litany of unending problems, viz the 787 and now the 737. I betcha the Chinese are about to stop buying Boeing planes, if they haven’t already.

I understand tech.

If you don’t understand tech, buy VGT, which is Vanguard’s tech ETF.

Also buy VTI, which mirrors the S&P500 — which is not a static index. The guys managing the S&P500 swap garbage out of it and replace them with good companies. The S&P500 is dynamic and actually does very well.

Now to commodities.

Once upon a time I got suckered into investing in a commodities fund. It didn’t do good and I dumped it. But they keep sending me their awful results (except in the last few months). Here’s a few excerpts from this week’s report:

You’d have been far better off owning muni funds in the last 20 years. Here are the fund’s results year by year.

Here’s what they own:

I don’t know what softs are. Anyone know?

“You left your wallet at home”

I left my wallet and my cash stash at home this morning when I went out to play tennis.

But it didn’t matter. Every shop in Chatham took my iPhone’s Apple Pay, including Main Street Goodness with its tiny charming white Square reader:

Good hamburgers and excellent breakfast at Main Street Goodness in Chatham, NY.

I need to own more Square.

The last time I got pulled over, the trooper didn’t want my license or registration. They were all on-line in his car.

Who needs a wallet?

My Pandemic Tree

I planted it shortly after we arrived up in Columbia County from fleeing New York City in March last year.

My Pandemic Tree is doing well. It has survived the 12 inches of rain we’ve had in the last couple of weeks.

Picking up bargains

My friends are seeing opportunities in this pullback, like buying NVDA at $700 (if it ever gets there). I have low bids on COST, TWLO, DPZ, AAP, CRWD, SQ and AMD. None have been filled.

Today feels like a day the quant computers are playing the trend down and exacerbating it. This feels like the summer doldrums. Everyone is out in the Hamptons stuck in traffic jams or getting skin cancer. Or both.

Right now: Too hot. too humid. The only time to play tennis is 6:15 AM. Key to staying alive is Keep Moving.

This week’s favorite New Yorker Magazine cartoons

I don’t like the spread of covid variants, especially among the aggressively unvaccinated parts of the country.

One of my readers, Dr Edward Saylor, from Richmond VA writes:

I tell my patients this:  If you choose not to get vaccinated, you will prevent our country from achieving herd immunity.  We will then have to deal with new variants of the coronavirus each year and probably require a booster shot every year to protect us against the new variants.   The coronavirus will then be with us for many more years in the future.

I find that most anti-vaxxers are unwilling to change their position and this is very frustrating.  I continue to just state the facts as I see them and try to do my part to encourage people to get vaccinated.

I asked him if his argument worked?

“Sometimes it does.”

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See you Monday.– Harry Newton