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Why I should have loaded up on mortgages. My latest buys. Cabin Fever revisited.

My biggest regret today; I didn’t mortgage my houses. I didn’t borrow billions from the bank. I didn’t invest everything in FANNG.

Just kidding. I don’t do mortgages or borrowing.

I’m wrong, of course. Today’s mortgage rates rates are so low you can pay off the annual interest with a few days of stock price rises — especially in this insanely good tech market.

I have been my dumping dividends from recent real estate payouts  into the market, including a couple of Chinese gambles this morning — BABA and JD, which, predictably, I’m already losing money on. Dumb. Don’t go near Chinese stocks. Ever.

I have also been agressively buying stocks as I eye them — without taking time to do an extensive analysis. I like them. I buy them with a small position. Then I watch and read. And buy more. It’s working with Digital Turbine (APPS), Upstart Holdings (UPST), United Therapeutics (UTHR) and Ascendis Pharma (ASND).

If my new stocks start falling, I sell them quickly. I tend to get out with no more than an six percent loss.

You can see an update of our portfolio in the right hand column on the web site. Click here.

Cabin Fever Revisited

The pandemic is not over. In fact, with Delta, it’s worse. The vaccinated among us think they’re invincible. They know they can catch it — but it will be mild.

Wrong. A reader called Gene got his two Pfizer shots. Then he caught covid “pretty bad.” His words:

“Yes (pretty bad), but in addition i developed a stiff neck.  It was so bad I couldn’t turn, couldn’t roll my self out of bed and couldn’t stand up without severe shooting pain down my neck, back and shoulders.  I was on tramadol, valium, gabapentin. My wife gave me  a couple of tylenol this morning and it’s the only thing that has helped.  I want more but Nurse Ratchet says not for 6 hours.  Grrrrr.”

Everybody at the U.S. Tennis Open has been vaccinated. That’s the rule to get in. But, look at the TV. They’re packing the stands and no one is wearing a mask.

Are tennis fans idiots?


+ Rebooting works with everything — from your car to your DirecTV service to your home Internet router. Reboot before you call Customer Disservice.

+ Dr. Google still has the best answers for all of your problems. For example, “Why You Should Not Use Ivermectin to Treat or Prevent COVID-19.” Click here.

+ Watch the last step going down. Look both ways twice when you’re at an intersection. Connie does. She’s 95, still driving and still alive.

+ If you put your outside AC condenser on a stand, you will keep the mice out and and stop plants growing into it:

Looking at other places to live

Climate Change: Yesterday I wrote I was done with New York City. Then last night the rains came and knocked out New York’s subways, et al.

Today Columbia County, New York State, is gorgeous. I played tennis at 7:30 AM. On the way home I used my trusty iPhone 12 Pro Max and photographed some sights. Enjoy:

The rain and sun have created the biggest hydrangeas the world has ever seen.

I helped get this built. It took five years. But it’s great for the community. You can do things like this in small towns.

Here are a few of the nicer local houses.

This is a neighbor’s pond with rolling Columbia County hills in the background.

This is the neighbor’s view looking west to the Catskill Mountains.
Finally, this is our little country stream rushing into our little country waterfall. It’s making more noise than the Middle Fork of the Salmon River did when we rafted recently in Idaho. It has more water.

Today’s favorite

Weekend Travels

Tomorrow I’m off to see Zoe and Sophie. Wednesday was Zoe’s birthday. She’s now officially four.

This is Sophie helping Zoe enjoy her birthday cake.

I can’t remember ever receiving a birthday cake when I was growing up. Perhaps that’s why I appreciate them so much more now.

I’m watching the U.S. Open. It’s somewhere on ESPN and/or The Tennis Channel.

See you Tuesday, or so. Life is wonderful. — Harry Newton