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September 11, twenty years later. Thoughts and lessons.

20 years ago today:

It’s 9/11. The weather is identical. We remember:

  1. How lucky we were. One hour later, when the people came to work, we would have lost 50,000.
  2. How inept they were. One hour later they could have increased their toll seventeenfold.
  3. How we over-reacted. There was no logic to staying in Afghanistan after we got bin Laden or to invading Iraq which didn’t do 9/11 and never had any nukes.
  4. We remember the politicians we elected. Bush was wrong. Obama was weak.
  5. Our heart is in the right place. Having a good heart is the ongoing great gift that America gives the world. Sometimes it works, viz WWII. Sometimes not, viz Vietnam and Afghanistan. Our great heart is our best trait. Item: We won WWII and never kept one acre of the land we conquered.

In 20 years, we have bounced back magnificently.  We have new technology — from the cloud to AI and a speedy Internet.

We have no designs on anyone else’s land.

And every refuge in the entire world wants to come to the U.S.

We must be doing something right — i In addition to my two down-the-line backhands this mornng.

This is the best I could do a for a 20-year chart of the S&P500. It’s very mpressive.

Don’t ever sell America short.

But do remember:

The women’s singles finals begins at 4:00 PM eastern time today. Two teenagers with better down-the-line backhands than I have.

ESPN has the match. The men’s finals is tomorrow.

Thanks for listening. — Harry Newton