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What a two-Advil day means for Amazon. Help on your Generac. Selling calls and buying low.

Suddenly, the trees are changing. The leaves are dropping. Fall is here. The days are getting shorter. You need lights to play tennis at 6:30 AM (which we did this morning).

Today was a two-Advil day. My back hurt. This stuff is magic:

The old foggies typically drop a couple before they play. I resist becoming an old foggie. But pain is better when there’s none of it.

I tried the local Walgreens. I came up short. But not at Amazon, which seems to have everything and then some.

My friends in real estate tell me office, warehouses and residential are back — many above pre-pandemic levels.

Except retail. Which sucks.

Let’s face it, if your local Wallgrens doesn’t have Advil, but Amazon does, bricks and mortar retail has a real problem.

Amazon morphed from books to department store to web cloud services (AWS). Now what? My guess: streaming video. From selling oldies (like West Side Story) to producing their own stuff (and winning awards) — the movement is clearly there and in Amazon fashion, in a major way.

Amazon Prime Video has already got 150 million subscribers, second only to Netflix’s 200 million. In May Amazon said it’s buying film studio MGM for $8.45 billion. Not chump change. My friend tells me Amazon has rented another 600,000 square feet of movie production space in L.A. and is outfitting it with the latest and greatest movie-making technology. Gone are the green screens behind the actors, Amazon is erecting gigantic LED screens so the actors can play in the actual scene.

Amazon hasn’t done brilliantly this year. But it is up. I remain a devoted customer and shareholder.

I buy the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max

I bought it this morning on the Apple web site — mistake. Beter to wait until the phone is out, then buy it in a state like Oregon, NH, Delaware, Montana or Alaska. which has no sales tax. In the store, Apple will transfer your files from your old iPhone and set your new one up — for free. Online, Apple is a bit crazy about security. I put in my password, had to change it a million times, had to check my phone several times for security codes. A total pain.

Do it in an Apple store. Preferable in a state with no sales tax.

We lost power

Our Generac came on. As it’s meant to.

An hour later, our commercial power came back on and our Generac shut off — but forgot to switch the house back to commercial power. I turned the Generac  back on and we kept Generac power going to the fridge and the boiler.

Our Generac service guy came, replaced a relay in the Generac panel and bingo, power switched back to commercial. He said it was unusual for the relay to go.

The lesson here is: You have to have a basic level of understanding of all the gadgetry you own and what to do before the service guy arrives.

+ Rebooting works. Sometimes, you have to do it several times. And wait longer.

+ Switch out cables. They break down. Especially those coming from chargers.

In this case:

+ You need to know how to turn your Generac on and off. If you lose commercial power, you may need to manually turn your Generac on. It’s easy. Open it and hit the toggle switch to Manual.

+ Make sure you have juice for the Generac. Ours works on the house’s propane — not its own tank, which is easy to forget to fill.

+ When the service guy comes, ask him to check the Generac’s battery. It’s probably a car battery. That’s the one part that wears out every two years. You can also tell by looking at it. Check the oil level also. Generac is an engine, like your car’s engine.

+ Cut the weeds, grass and foliage growing  around your Generac.

+ It’s easy to download a User Manual from Generac’s site.In fact, I download all manuals on all important gadgets I have and store them in a folder called TechInfo on my laptop. They don’t take up much room.

+ When you install a Generac make sure you use all the circuits. You can see we didn’t cover three. I’m trying to get an electrician in who can wire my office into the Generac. Dah! This panel is in our basement.

41 Movies to Watch If You’re Dreaming of Italy.

Courtesy Conde-Nast. Click here.

This is how Donald Trump does business, from Quora

The stockmarket is not exciting today

A few of our stocks are doing good — APPS, TMO, UPST, FIVN, and ASND. But the rest are slip sliding away. Some of my friends sell call options on stock they don’t really want to hold long-term. Others are playing the bumps. A friend sent me a  note “ZM: Someone is ringing the register on this 4 or 5 times a month.”

Some friends have put in ultra-low buy orders on their favorites. I have a bunch in on DPZ, ENPH, CRWD, SQ and AMD. But it hasn’t got bad enough for my orders to be filled. Maybe soon. September is the worst month in the stock market. But a great month for leaf peeping up north.

Favorite cartoons

Favorite boots

A nice lady wore these boots to my favorite breakfast place, Main Street Goodness in Chatham, NY.

They’re made by Corral. You can buy your very own Corral boot at Sheplers here.

Keep moving. Watch the last step. (I repeat that warning every time a friend tells me he just fell.)

Don’t stress out over September. October is coming and it’s better. I changed our list of stocks. Read it on our web site.

Have a great weekend. — Harry Newton