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The Snap-Back in real estate. I buy a new iPhone. Apple is great. Verizon is not.

The snap-back in real estate

Residential rents are up hugely. No more three-month rent concessions in Manhattan. Amazon-type last mile warehouses are full. Office buildings are filling up with people returning to work. Only retail lags, but even it’s showing signs of remarkable life.

Snap-back has come with a vengeance.

It’s amazing.

More tomorrow.

I upgraded to a new iPhone

I chose the iPhone 13 Pro Max because I wanted the better cameras, and faster overall speed. I am also getting a hefty $790 on my present iPhone 12 Pro Max. So the whole deal for the new phone is only about $300.

Upgrading to a new phone is not trivial — in hours and technical complexity.

Here’s why I learned today doing it all.

+ Don’t try this yourself. Go to the Apple Store. Make an appointment with the Genius Bar.

+ Prepare for your visit by backing your phone up to iCloud and remembering your Apple ID password.

+ Don’t leave the store without making and receiving a phone call on your new phone. Verizon, which I have, is not Apple. Verizon is semi-clueless. You’ll need your Apple Genius to manoevur you through Verizon. When I bought the phone online from Apple, I paid Verizon $35 for a “setup” fee. There was a fee, but no setup. That took 25 minutes on the phone with Verizon while a dude in India or somewhere stumbled through the process.

+ I left Apple with phone that worked with Apple and Verizon stuff — but no one else’s (like Waze or Dark Sky). I was told that once the phone connected to WiFi (and high-speed Internet) it would automatically download all the other apps. I downloaded a few manually. And the rest came through later that night.

You have to rigorously check all the apps. Some will ask for your userID and password. Some will change the password, e.g. for the Personal Hotspot.

And you have to make several phone calls because, most likely, your phone will mess up when making calls on Verizon. Never ever buy shares in Verizon. NEVER.

You’re looking at a total time of about four hours of boredom and irritation. Don’t try this without help from an Apple Genius.

The good news is that I’m really happy with my new iPhone. It affirms my ownership of Apple shares — my biggest holding. Thank you Apple.

P.S. The new Apple Watch is now available. I’ll buy one next week.

Verizon Overseas tip

Your phone will work in Europe — expensively. Two tips:

  1. Put your phone in airplane mode. Find WiFi. Use WiFi to make calls.
  2. Use Whatsapp.
  3.  Try Facetime

Childrens books

I read to the grandkids. I’m blown away by the beauty, creativity and quality of children’s books. One is better than the next. I asked my kids for favorites. Here are some (only some):


Two grandchildren

I like these silly photos. First Peter, then Sophie.

Off to Amsterdam for a few days.

Harry Newton