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Tesla skyrockets. Here’s why you need a booster shot. And six stocks to buy today.

There’s no logic for this:


+ Tesla is agog with buzz. Lots of buzz.

+ Tesla’s selling more and more cars.

+ Hertz is buying a bunch — knowing I will rent a Tesla from Hertz, not the crap Avis, Budget, Enterprise and others have. And I’ll pay a premium to rent a Hertz Tesla.

+ A reader writes :

My wife came home from Israel this morning. My daughter drove her to the airport in her new Tesla.  Because gasoline cars in Israel are taxed up the gazoo, the Tesla was cheaper than a Camry. They love it. And got a fast charger to go with it.

+ I ask Tesla owners if anything ever goes wrong with their Teslas? The answer: Nothing, except the software needs rebooting occasionally.

+ Tesla owners report their initial fears about running out of juice on a busy highway disappear after a few weeks of driving the car.

+ My son Michael bought one and reports: “It’s a pleasure to drive. And cheap as all get-out to run, especially now with skyrocketing gas prices. And I don’t have to visit as a gas station ever again.”

Get a booster shot, please

The science is unsure. But I have my own science:

Scene: The Opera House.

The stage manager pops his head out of the curtains to announce that the leading tenor will not perform this evening. He just died.

From way back in the theater comes the cry, “Gib him an enema.”

The stage manager repeats. “The tenor has died.”

From way back in the theater comes the same cry, “Gib him an enema.”

Now flustered, the stage manager replies, “Perhaps you didn’t understand, our tenor has died and an enema is not going to do him any good.”

From way back in the theater comes the cry, “An enema ain’t gonna hurt him.”

We’re doing OK

We’ve had Tesla in our portfolio for eons. It’s flying. Also flying in our portfolio: NVDA, CRWD, ANET, AMD and HUBS.

I can’t pick one stock and say “Buy it.”

Buy the five stocks above and Tesla. You probably won’t go wrong, even at these nose bleed levels.

Comments on life

The Netherlands have 17.4 million people, not seven million which I misspoke yesterday.

See you tomorrow. — Harry Newton