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Three stocks to buy now. Is the stockmarket about to crash? Facebook’s future in the metaverse. Secrets of long life.

Every stock is overpriced. Half the gurus are saying a “crash” is coming soon. Just they don’t know when.

I don’t care what they think. Crashes need three things:

  1. Big increase in interest rates. At least half a dozen rate hikes.
  2. Corporate earnings to peak. And then start turning down.
  3. Some untoward event, like this:

Three stocks to own

I have spent the last few days searching for new stocks to own and to add to our portfolio. I have found three:

+ MIME. It’s called Mimecast. It does cybersecurity.

+ APPS. Digital Turbine. It does something in helping companies sell more online. It’s been on a buying spree. It’s growing like the wind:

Actually it’s been in our portfolio for a while and has done very well. Its stock pulled back recently after a spate of acquisitions. Growth is strong, as you can see.

+ GFS. Global Foundries. They just went IPO.  GFS is in the right place at the absolutely right time. Everybody and their uncle wants a place to make semi-conductors in the gold old U.S. A. GFS does that. In fact they have a fab (foundry making chips) exactly one hour and five minutes from where I’m currently sitting in Columbia County, NY. I’m beetling up for a visit as soon as they’ll have me.

GFS stock is ultra-volatile at present because  it’s brand new. And its finances stink. But it could easily raise its prices a little and solve the miserable finances problem.

I’ve been nibbling at the stock this morning and I’m currently up enough to buy me dinner in Malta, NY.  at their most elegant diner.

I went through one of their presentations this morning and found these two awesome slides:

Facebook is about your friends.

After Meta, it will still be about being with your friends also, but in a new way.

How new? I consulted my local expert, Maddox Gaylord, 11.

Here’s his take:

Maddox will sign his writings if you pay $100. He’ll write them again and again for $100. He’s not shy.

The market has responded relatively positively to Facebook’s adventure into the Metaverse. Here’s FB year to date. It’s still way up over what it started the year:

The secret to long life

In two words: Keep moving!

It’s not the intensity. It’s the consistency.

Fifteen minutes of something every day is better than three days of 25 minutes of something.

Personally, I find if I miss a day of tennis, I feel awful the following day. Stiff and crabby.

For God’s sake

+ Hold the hand railing going down stairs.

+ Stop before you go down even one step. Then go down gently. One step is dangerous.

+ Stop at every stop sign. Then look both ways twice. Then go.

I know this is boring, trivial stuff. Fact is recently friends have torn, broken and sprained body parts. Then spent months recovering.

Worse it takes you longer to recover. You’re older now.

More boring stuff

+ Don’t open attachments in your incoming emails. They’re the biggest source of ransomware problems.

+ Visit your dermatologist. Your skin is your biggest organ in your body. It needs attention.

+ Global Entry is only $100 and includes TSA Pre-Check. You can do your interview “on-demand” when you re-enter the US. Global Entry is good for five years.

Eye Buy Direct has the best online glasses

But don’t buy their plastic frames. Buy the metal ones. They’re much stronger.

Click here

Don’t “upgrade” to Windows 11

From my friend Richard R,

Thank you much. I do wish you I had read your alert before I “upgraded” to Windows 11 somewhat automatically on my most recent lead computer. You are absolutely  correct about the problems. Now I have one W11 and 4 prior ones  some going back to W7 with Email and Files I was planning to back up for long term access. Oyh!

If you get pushed into Windows 11 by Microsoft’s ultra-aggressive, sneaky “upgrade” program, you have ten days — only 10 days — to go back. Here’s how.

Several readers have emailed me: They won’t upgrade soon — just like they didn’t upgrade to new Windows in years past. I know that. My concern is that one day your taskbar will pop up with this orange dot icon. That’s the dangerous one. Click on it, but be very careful. Don’t get suckered into Windows 11.

Get your booster shot

Susan and I, and most of our friends now have had our booster shot.  Most pharmacies are offering booster shots. Ditto for local rescue squads. Susan got her booster shot on Friday afternoon from the Valatie Rescue Squad. I got mine at CVS. But Walgreens has it also.

My new Apple watch

I have received my new Apple watch. The latest.

It’s bigger. That’s great for old farts, like me.

It charges faster. That’s great for impatient old farts, like me.

Its type face is bigger. That’s great for impatient, old farts with big fingers, like me.

They tell me it’s better for monitoring the health of ailing, impatient old farts, like me.

It’s still got the best feature of all the Apple Watches. It finds my iPhone when I lose it, as do impatient old farts with ailing memories.

Do you need it? If you’ve made as much money on Apple stock as I have, you can afford to return $399 (plus tax) to Apple and buy a new watch.

You can put lots of dippy stuff on your Apple watch screen. I found this on the Apple web site. I have no idea what it is. It’s possible that I’m not smart enough.

Sunset Sunday night Columbia County, New York State

Photo by Mark E. Johnson.

The markets are volatile. That’s one reason to have a broad portfolio and some ETFs — like VTI and VGT. I’ve updated our list of stocks on the web site. Click here.

I hope to write a new blog tomorrow. But these things are hard work and many hours. —Harry Newton