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Inflation is ravaging us. The climate will kill us. We’re about to have a civil war. China’s lockdown is hurting our supply chain. And sundry other coming disasters

I’ll state the obvious: 2022 is going to be a rough year for stocks. Reasons:

+ Supply chain problems. If you can’t get parts to build cars, it’s hard to make profits.

+ The Fed is raising interest rates. That makes some financial stocks more profitable. But it’s hard to predict which ones. None of them seem endowed with great creativity. Not one.

+ Inflation. Some companies can weather inflation and profit. But many can’t. Not easy.

+ The confusion spewing from that tower of confusion called Washington, D.C.  Eight square miles surrounded by reality.

+ Covid/Omicron. It gotta ebb sometime. At least that’s the theory. But not what’s actually happening.

+ Our wonderful press keeps writing depressing stories, viz the headline on today’s blog. Yuch

Cleaning out losers

+ Netflix. there’s oodles of streaming services. Too many. Most of us have only 24 hours to watch. Maybe the metaverse will help expand that to 30 hours? I’m for it. I’m out of Netflix.

+ PayPal. I sold that one a while back. I still can’t find anything the company does that’s unique, or new. Depressing.

+ Zoom. I had a few shares left. Though I use it regularly, I can’t get excited about the stock any longer. Nothing new. They keep improving their service, however.

+ Boeing. Again. I don’t own it and never will. The Financial Times has  reviewed the book Flying Blind by Peter Robinson and concluded:

It is an indictment not just of one of America’s most celebrated companies, but of an entire era: of politicians believing business knew best, of regulators bending to their will, and of shareholder returns elevated above any consideration for the rest of society, including consumers’ safety — and lives. Only when the pandemic is over and business, and flying, fully resume, will we find out how much we have learnt.

You can read the entire review here;  Boeing Book Review Or here.

+ China . I made a few bucks day trading BABA. But that’s not a living. Every day in China is a story of President’s Xi’s utter madness. Here’s his latest:

The Army of Millions Who Enforce China’s Zero-Covid Policy, at All Costs

Click here.

Wonderful iPhone charger

Lay your phone down. No plugging in. Works for newer iPhones. $45 for two of these wonderful chargers — one for your desk and one for your bedside table.  Click here.

God bless the Internet

It has answers for everything. Sometimes it will be just text. Often it will be a YouTube video.  Great for learning how to fix washing machines.

Alaska Airlines has been good to our family.

They messed up over the holidays. Here’s their classy apology.

The Borowitz Report (satire)

Fauci Defends Calling G.O.P. Senator Rand Paul a moron: Says: “I’m Just Following the Science

Previously: Fauci Urged Americans to Use COVID as Excuse to Skip Thanksgiving with Horrible Relatives

It looks delicious. I bought it. It tastes delicious

But it’s got 330 calories in this teeny tiny 12-ounce bottle.

I’m so virtuous. I haven’t put any sugar into my tea or coffee for the last week.

Now this.

Favorite New Yorker cartoon

I think my shoulder is getting better all by its lonesome self. It gives slowness a whole new meaning.

I won’t be playing tennis for weeks. Totally depressing, only matched by today’s depressing market.

See you tomorrow. Harry Newton