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OK. We know it all. It’s time to nibble. There are bargains out there.

GDP at 6.9% closed the year. Nice.

The first interest rate rise will be in March. Now we know.

The supply chain is easing. There’s talk of too much stuff by the end of the year, as a result of everybody and their uncle double-ordering. Panic and all that.

Panic is bad.

Big and little pharma are targeting Omicron.

Nasdaq is down 13.4% in January. Nasdaq stock charts look awful.

Now is the time to nibble on fallen idols. Also called catching a falling knife..

Here’s what I bought this morning: More AMD, and some ZM and MRNA. I had previously sold ZM and MRNA.

A few days ago I bought CVX, DVN and XOM. Oil is going to $100.

Here’s what I didn’t buy: Boeing, Netflix, PayPal or anything Chinese like BABA.

Despite what Cramer says, the ONLY place you get decent growth is with tech stocks. Lok at NOW, which we own. Amazon is a bargain. But I have plenty.

I do have a flyer on EWZ. I’ll get out in a few days.

Your house’s emergency generator

You need one. It should be a full house system — i.e. it should generate enough power to run your entire house. Refrigerator, boiler, lights, and Internet.

The motor that runs your emergency generator needs regular service — like new spark plugs, oil change and a new battery. Every thing you do for your car. (But not your Tesla.)

You need an annual maintenance contract. But you must assume your service guy is a lazy idiot. You need to be on his case. You need to learn enough about how your system works and what can go wrong with it. And then get on his case.

If you lose commercial electricity in January’s cold weather and your generator doesn’t kick in, you can freeze your tushy off in hours. It’s been below zero in recent days. I don’t want my house (or me) to be that cold.

Get outside regularly and start up your generator. The newer ones have WiFi that will tell you if it’s working and when it last started, etc. But I trust that technology like a hole in the head. I want to go to the machine, push a button and watch it start myself. I’m manic about not freezing.


+ Metal glasses are the best. They have screws that need regular tightening, otherwise the lenses fall out. EyeBuyDirect is the best place to buy glasses. Click here.

+ The last step is the most dangerous. It’s often higher or lower than the others,  That higher/lower can mess your balance. It’s also icy and slippery out there.

+ Once I was an editor. There are words you should  never use: But. However. Although. And never start a sentence with the word “AND.” Oops. Never start a sentence with “AND.”

+ Unplug phantom devices. TV sets you’re not using. Remote phones, etc. They use juice.

We went to Broadway yesterday afternoon

Lots of masks. I felt safe. Some people were double masked. Masks were enforced by the Mask Up police. The plastic bag has free masks. You couldn’t get into the theater unless you showed all your vaccines.

Great show.

Learning about marketing.

Favorite cartoons

How to put on a band aid. This short video is priceless.

If you can’t see the video in your email, watch it via your browser. Click here.

That’s it for today. We’re driving back to the Columbia County, where it’s a balmy 20 degrees. The Australian tennis in on — sometime on some channel somewhere. Semi-finals today/tomorrow and finals this weekend.

Watch that video above. it’s funny.

Aren’t you happy I didn’t run any charts today.

It’s 24 in New York City. Cold.

See you tomorrow. — Harry Newton