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Nibbling time? The BEST travel tips, ever. Hacking’s endless creativity. Biking in New York City.

I continue feeling more sanguine about the stockmarket. Some falling knives are looking more interesting, e.g. BABA,  NVDA and Levi. It’s nibbling time.

Remember the market typically reflects what’s going to happen nine to 12 months from now.

We’re actually nicely up in the few days I made my first positive call. We got our rate hike and kind words from Powell yesterday. That was good.

Here’s Nasdaq and the S&P 500 over the last five days.

Wall Street is turning away from high-growth, high loss companies. Samples. These charts are from Yahoo Finance.

But not turning away as much as you’d think. Here’s the last year for these three high-growth babies:

I still own PANW and CRWD. But not NET.

Best and fastest Travel Tips 

+ Global Entry by the Feds gets you TSA Pre — onto planes faster — and into the U.S. without standing in long Immigration lines.

+ Download your boarding pass onto your phone via your airline’s app. Go straight to your gate. Saves huge time.

+ Don’t check luggage. You can always carry enough for two weeks — if you pack frugally and sneak your bags on.

Latest Travel Tips 

+ Cheap flights are good for kids, with infinite time and patience. But not for you and me.

+ There’s no price competition in business class. Every airline charges the same. Grab the one with flat beds.

+ You can watch YouTubeTV (which I love) from overseas — only if you use a VPN. Click here.

++ You may need a vaccine test. In NYC, the best place is ClearMD. I’ve used them twice. Click here. Your local pharmacy — e.g. Walgreens or CVS — will also get you a PCR test, but you will wait up to 48 hours.

+ Airline miles are increasingly useless. All the flights you want will not honor your miles. Never be tempted to buy airline miles. They’re way too expensive.

+ Resistor Lite Chinos by Kuhl are the best pants for travel. They have two wonderful cell phone pockets. You won’t lose your cellphone and you won’t sit on it. Brilliant. Click here.

+ Take an wireless mouse. Much faster and easier.

+ When in doubt, use your cellphone’s Personal Hotspot to connect your laptop to the Internet. Safer.

Hacking’s new creativity

Incoming emails remind me:

+ I’ve got embarrassing porn videos on my hard drive. I have two days to send bitcoin.

+ My password is about to expire. Send money.

+ Someone just put $647.23 on my credit card. Call to get rid of the charge.

+ My antivirus service is about to expire.

+ You have an outstanding payment. Debt settlement required.

They’re getting really creative. Don’t get sucked in. All are bogus. Don’t be curious. Delete the emails instantly.

Urgent advice

Don’t ever give your email address or phone number to any politician.

You’ll never get off their list.

Worse, they’ll give your info to everyone and their uncle.

Long Covid is prevalent

The New York Times says 10% to 30% of people with covid may develop long void with serious symptoms — exhaustion, shortness of breath and cognitive problems.

Wear a mask and watch for that last step, going down.

Notice the lack of a hand rail at the bottom — the dangerous part.

How does the Ukrainian War end?

A lawyer called Brent Cooper wrote this on Quora:

Russia will succumb. Not to military pressure. Not to armies. Not to threats of war.

Russia will eventually surrender to the court of public opinion.

Russia has many Allies. Many former satellites. Hungary. India. China. They have stood by Russia and rejected any sanctions.

But the reports of the massacres are coming out. An elderly mayor of a small town and her husband and son being executed. Small children being executed. Women being gang raped. Atrocities not seen since WWII. Atrociously reminiscent of the Holodomor committed by Putin’s ancestors.

Sooner or later Russian POW’s  will reveal these atrocities were done at the order of Putin. At that point, India, China, Hungary and the satellites will back away. The optics of supporting a leader who executes women and children and rapes women will be too unbearable. And all of this is self inflicted. Nothing done by Ukraine will cause the end of the war.

They will pull away. Russia will have no support. No one willing to trade with them. No one willing to buy their oil. The Russian economy will be in shambles. The ruble will be worth nothing. Russian stores will have nothing on their shelves.

Russia will find themselves alone. When this happens, the war will end.

Back in NYC for a few days

I went for an early morning bike ride in Central Park. It was glorious:

Them’s petals falling from (I think) a dogwood.

I asked some Central Park workers what sort of tree it was?

Their answer: “We don’t do trees.”

I once tried to buy my name onto a bench in Central Park. They’re sold out!

Inflation is here. My dog groomer now charges $150 to cut Rosie’s hair.

That’s five times what mine costs. I have less.

It’s 7:15 AM. I’ve been at this since 4:45 AM. Time for a bike ride in the park. It’s another glorious Spring day in NYC.

– Harry Newton