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Should I invest more in energy? Maybe an ETF? I have a “solution” to protect my grandkids from being shot in school.

The price of oil has skyrocketed this year.

Hence oil stocks and energy ETFs have done well. Here’s a chart of five big ETFs over the last 12 months.

It looks like DBE is the ETF to buy.

Vanguard has VDE. Here’s information on it from Vanguard’s site:

To invest now in energy with oil already high you have to figure if oil will go higher.

I’m guessing it will. Still,  I wouldn’t put my entire net worth into energy ETFs?

Before I bought some ETFs this afternoon, I also own a bunch of oil stocks — CVX, DVN, ENB, MRO and PXD. They’re all up. I think a few energy ETFs will complement my individual energy stocks.

As I wrote this, though, I wondered how my best-performer, Devon Energy had done against the energy ETFs.

It kicked their ass. Food for thought. Even today after the big rise, Devon is yielding 6.6%.

But then I looked at Vanguard’s VDE energy ETF. It had 102 stocks and was a  little too diversified for my taste. Check it for yourself. Click here.

My continuing bitch with Microsoft

I just spent $95 to drop a dysfunctional Windows 11 laptop back down to a perfectly functioning Windows 10 machine.

I’m glad that I spent the $95. It told me if Microsoft couldn’t get their much vaunted new Windows 11 to be decent software, lots else is also going wrong.

It told me I was right in my decision to sell all my Microsoft stock. And today its miserable results confirmed that. What was funny (at least to me) was that some of the learned talking heads on CNBC admitted to owning MSFT in their own personal portfolios.

Seriously guys, how could you own a stock that has done this this year? Gone down and down.

How could you own a stock that thinks its best business strategy is to compete with its own customers by selling a laptop (Surface Pro) against its very own customers, like Lenovo and Dell, who sell Windows on their laptops. I can’t imagine what I’d think if I were Lenovo selling ThinkPad.

I am a proud member of Hertz’s elite renter club. 

I’m gold, too:

My wonderful, wonderful Robins

She laid five beautiful blue eggs. I posted this picture on May 24.

It’s ten days later. Look what we have now:

It looks like two have hatched. It’s hard to tell. The mother is skittish about my sticking my iPhone 13 pro max into her beautiful nest. It’s very exciting to see the progress of my Robin family. Almost as exciting a down-the-line backhand winner. Speaking of which, this weekend Roland Garros French Open finals will play. Should be fun.

Thoughts on houses – Part 3

+ You need a surge arrestor/batter backup battery protecting your boiler. Unless you want to freeze your tushy off this winter.

+ If you have outside chiller units for your central air, you need a shed over them  to protect them from the weather.

+ Your generator needs regular testing and regular servicing. And its battery replaced every two years.

Perfect protection for my grandchildren?

Aged between 5 and 8, my grandchildren carry backpacks which are big enough for one of these:

Good idea?

The Borowitz Report

Elon Musk Mystified That Tesla Employees Don’t Want to Spend All Day with Him
“I thought they would jump at the chance to get a little Elon in their lives again,” the C.E.O. said.

Republicans Blast Canada for Insanely Responding to Gun Violence by Banning Guns
“People who shoot people inside buildings first have to enter those buildings,” Greg Abbott said. “The problem isn’t guns—it’s doors.”

Shaken Greg Abbott Describes Moment of Terror When Beto O’Rourke Talked to Him
The Governor accused O’Rourke of hiding behind the First Amendment, “intended for use only in times of war.”

I love Borowitz’ satire. He works for the New Yorker.

See you soon. — Harry Newton