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Inflation bites; stocks fall. Buy a few? Or sell some short? Do some hedging?

Inflation came in “strong” — despite drop in energy prices.

They’re throwing the baby and the bathwater out.

This is from the NYTimes today:

This is what the last five days have looked like — up to 2:30 PM today Tuesday September 13. This shows Dow,(green) Nasdaq (blue) and S&P500 (maroon).

What should you do?

+ Nibble at today’s biggest decliners. The ones on my Watch List are AMD (7.6%), NVDA (7.5%), GNRC (6.4%) and MU (6.2%).

+ Do what I did a little of yesterday. Sell some stock short. I actually sold TSLA and META short and right now I’m up $2,000+ — which is better than a slap in the belly with a cold fish. I should have sold NVDA months ago. Never fall in love with a stock, as I did with Nvidia.

+ Wait till tomorrow, when it will bounce and sell much of your portfolio. It’s clear that we’ll have more rate hikes and more bear market. Blind Freddie can figure that.

+ There’s no harm in holding cash, despite inflation. In today’s market it takes a day to lose 7.6% on on your AMD. But a whole year to lose 8.3% to cash on inflation.

The above advice is sound (and funny). You’re hearing it from someone (i.e. me) who has an undergraduate degree in Economics, a certificate in Accounting and an MBA from (of all places) the Harvard Business School. And still has no idea how to time the stockmarket.

Three pluses for real estate investing

+ Multifamily vacancies are staying low. Rents are rising. I love multi-family housing as investments.

+ While property prices are high, there are still nuggets to be found. Your bank prefers to sell distress to you — not work it out themselves.

+ Workers are going back to the office. Bosses have figured that productivity, solutions-finding and learning is far higher and far faster in the office. Goldman Sachs has called all their people back. I know of several other firms who have done the same thing.

What awaits returning workers? Maybe this:

This is a real photo of a real office of a real person with real piles of real paper. I disguised the person because his wife does not want to see the papers at home. He has fine-honed the skill of piling papers.

New Covid boosters are here  

The new booster shots protect against the original Covid-19 strain and the newer Omicron variant.

Get yours . CVS is easiest to deal with.

Up here in Columbia County, New York, covid has definitely not gone away. Everyone is getting it.

What do I look like — a total idiot?

They think I’m going to open the attachment?

Or pay this one?

Or this one?

Or this one?

Or this one?

I received these emails (and more) in the last several days. The scammers are getting desperate.

Check. Check. Check. 

When I was young, IBM had a slogan “THINK.”

I preferred ours “CHECK. CHECK. CHECK.”

+ Walgreens charges $15 for my monthly statin pills. But the local Price Shopper said my pills will soon be free. Check Check. Check.

+ Friends were complaining, I wasn’t answering my phone. I had the ringer turned off. Idiot. Check. Check. Check.

+ Here’s the switch the electrician installed under the sink:

Here’s the sink:

Something missing in the sink?

Check. Check. Check.

+ I fixed my scanner with isopropyl alcohol and a Q-tip. I didn’t need to buy a new $500 scanner, which I did before the Q-tip.

+ I fixed my printer by shaking the toner cartridge. That saved $250.

The Empire has done what?

The hearse carrying Queen Elizabeth II’s body was a Mercedes:

You can’t make this stuff up.

Buy yourself a yellow car. Here’s why:

Our savior will be innovation

The jug on the left has a screw top and a crappy handle.

The one on the right makes my coffee taste better.

I spied some orange leaves yesterday. Fall is coming. Which is great since my AC is working like crap. And a new one is on a seven-year backorder. Or so it feels.

See you tomorrow. — Harry Newton