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Three stocks that you should always own. Who is Jim Cramer and is he useful? How to fix auto-correct on your iPhone

Who is Jim Cramer?

He’s the host of CNBC’s Mad Money, where he tries by picking stocks to make us all money.  He was a successful hedge manager by hyping many of his stocks to the financial press. He’s now become a showman. I find him funny. I enjoy watching him. I have him recorded on YouTubeTV so I can fast forward through the commercials and cut his one hour show to 40 minutes or less.

In picking stocks, he’s more right than wrong. But you must do your own research. He likes to do CEO interviews, which I like to watch. I get a feeling for the CEO’s competence. He’s limited to who’ll come on his show. He also has love affairs with CEOs like his hottest one with Salesforce’s Marc Benioff, whose stock is way over-priced — with a P/E of over 900 (Fidelity) or 621 (Yahoo Finance).

Cramer says “Hold Apple. Don’t trade it.” He’s right. I’d also include Nvidia and Tesla.

I can see every police department wanting one of these — Tesla’s upcoming truck, with an acceleration faster than a Ferrari.

Meantime, Elon is opening a big factory in Mexico which will double his car production and let him sell a cheaper model.

There’s never been anyone in the history of American capitalism like Elon, who’s started more diverse and more imaginative businesses. At a recent investor day at Tesla, he said he believes Tesla’s robot activities could be worth more than its car business.

Meantime, he’s started businesses in underground boring, in solar (collecting and storing), Neuralink (for adding communications to people with serious physical difficulties), SpaceX (rocket ships to the stars), Starlink (Internet communications for helping Ukraine’s troops communicate). He also formed PayPal and (an online bank) and OpenAI (which released ChatGPT). He said he’s going back into generative AI with a new company. He also now owns Twitter.

,Elon has one amazing mind.

What a truly wonderful email

I bought a trial subscription using my X1 single use credit card. I didn’t find what I was reading either useful or entertaining. Now they can’t bill me for something I don’t want.

In contrast, Apple continues to bill me this irksome $6.52 a month though I have cancelled this charge for Apple TV several times.

I’m talking about my favorite credit card. It’s called X1. It’s a normal credit card with great rewards. But it also will give me a one-time use card. My vendor bills the card one charge — the “special offer” — and then X1 cancels the card and sends me an email telling that that card is cancelled. That’s what I used for Fortune. I didn’t use it for Apple, which was before I knew about X1. For more, download the X1 app from the App Store.

Going to Paris from JFK. Best ways:

+ Business class airline. La Compagnie. Click here.

+ This summer JetBlue starts with new, fancy planes, incl. lie-flat seats.

I like Paris. Here are some fun things to do there with links to fun hotels. Click here.

More techie tips

+ Never use debit cards to pay bills. Your bank is not responsible for fraud. It is responsible on credit cards.

+ My friend, the tennis pro, turned vegan and found his energy go through the roof. His arthritis disappeared.

+ You’ll never be happy with your new hearing aid. It amplifies noise. It’s not a panacea. It’s a tool. Learn it.

+ Google ‘s YouTubeTv is the best and cheapest way to watch TV.

+ Amazon sells clothes and sneakers that come in your size…and cost remarkably little. Often less than a third in any local retail store.

+ You can add to and change Autocorrect on your iPhone. It’s the best iPhone feature I’ve found in eons. Read here.

This is typical tasteless Australian “humor”

Since I was born there, this is the sort of stuff I like:

Where in the world is Harry

I’m in Southern California, where it is usually warm. Lately It’s been snowing and cold in California. Here’s my favorite place  — Yosemite. They’re tents.

More amazing California snow photos. Click here.

Still a favorite cartoon

I don’t know why stocks rose today.

That’s it for now.  See you over the weekend. — Harry Newton