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Change Your Password Day. Put in Two Factor Authentication. Do it now. NOW.

Someone got into my friend’s Office 365 account. That person sent out emails to his contacts asking for money. That person changed wiring instructions (in an incoming email) to their own account. And generally made potentially expensive mischief. My friend was one step away from losing $500,000.

So, today, change all your passwords and put in Two Factor Authentication. That may mean downloading an app to your iPhone or computer. Microsoft will tell you how. It’s a pain. But it’s a new world: All your passwords are on the Dark Web, out there for crooks to buy and sell. Seriously.

So change your passwords and put in two factor authentication.

Do it now.

Second, if you’re sending a wire, confirm the ABA and account number with someone (a real person) on the phone.

Don’t believe anything that you received in an email.

And don’t open email attachments in emails. Call first.

That’s it. I have a longer post coming. -This is one is very important. – Harry Newton