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Please help me get Michael Newton’s New Marshall Plan for Gaza to Thomas Friedman of the New York Times and Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel

I asked my son, Michael Newton, to write me details of his new Marshall Plan for Gaza. He calls it his Endless Love Program for Gaza.

If we can get Michael’s words to Thomas Friedman of the New York Times and Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu of Israel, I believe we’ll have a shot at getting some of his plan adopted, and maybe save a few lives.

Here is what Michael wrote.

  • Hamas actions are inexcusable and Israel is fully justified in reacting as strongly as they see fit.
  • But we know from thousands of years of Middle Eastern history, there is no solution from the endless fighting.
  • Fully invading and occupying Gaza will likely not reduce the long-term threat to Israel and its people. The threat will diminish for a short time, only to come quickly roaring back again.
  • Israel will lose hundreds, if not thousands of soldiers, when invading Gaza.
  • Israel will lose the global propaganda war, destroying Israel’s credibility and putting it further at risk.
  • Instead, Israel should do what has never been tried before.
  • It should show its enemy “endless love.
  • It should publicly commit to a Marshall Plan for redevelopment of Gaza.
  • It must marshal a global coalition and raise ~100 billion USD to rebuild Gaza.
  • Israel cannot be the lead coordinator of the coalition but instead must have another party (the UN?) lead it with Israel’s participation.
  • The Palestinian people must be given the credible choice to opt into this process, and Hamas must know that it will play no role in this.
  • The two million Palestinians have been victims to Hamas as well but haven’t had any ability (or reason) to rid themselves of Hamas. This will open that door and, if it is indeed credibly opened with the right global coalition leading it, the Palestinian people will walk through it.
  • A new Palestinian leadership must be found and made a key driver of the process.
  • Hamas and Iran and others will do everything to undermine the process. There will be terrorist acts on Israel. Likely on the US and others as well. There will be attacks on Palestinians that will be mounted to blame Israel. In all of this, Israel must continue to send “endless love” and not retaliate. The whole world must do the same.
  • Also, Israel will also have to stop doing its other aggressive actions such as building settlements. In fact, it should pull them back.
  • Only through a total, complete commitment to making life good for Gaza and its people can we get to a place where the enmity and hatred can be extinguished.

Can you imagine Netanyahu standing up and saying,

“What has been done in this region for thousands of years hasn’t worked. Never has. So today Israel is going to do the total opposite. We’re going to show the Palestinians and the world “endless love” as fellow human beings and build a durable future for everyone.

“This path will be hard and there will be blood spilled along the way by people trying to undermine our peaceful vision for the future. But I can promise that blood will not be spilled by the Israelis. We are done with that. We will take the high road. We will be fair and make everyone’s life livable and give people hope.”

Benjamin Netanyahu could go from being remembered as a corrupt, power-grabbing jerk to being a true statesmen for the ages.

Dear Readers of this blog, please help me get to Friedman and Netanyahu with Michel’s brilliant plan. Maybe we’ll save some lives? That won’t be all that bad.

Harry Newton