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The biggest lesson I learned in 21 days of silence: Don’t wait. Get help. Also, some great money-saving tips.

I got a cough. It got worse. I played self-doctor. I figured it would go away. Wrong. It didn’t.

In desperation, I finally visited my friendly family doc, Jerry Clements. He said I had walking pneumonia and prescribed antibiotics.

Bingo, five days later my cough has almost gone and my energy has returned. (That’s what I really care about.)

I lost 12 lbs while  I played self-doctor. But, with my returning appetite, I’ve gained back two .


The best advice (found somewhere on the Internet):

Walking pneumonia is a common respiratory infection that many people mistake for a bad cold or the flu. Because of this, many people don’t seek treatment. You can manage many of your symptoms with over-the-counter medications, rest and plenty of fluids. Still, it’s a good idea to see a healthcare provider if you have signs of walking pneumonia, even if you think it’s just a cold or the flu. They can prescribe antibiotics that can help speed up your recovery. They can also answer any of your questions or concerns.

The lesson from all my idiocy: Don’t wait. Go see your doc, instantly, if not sooner.

Harry, welcome back to the land of the living. II know it’s still hard to type accurately and your brain is foggy. But the trend is up.

Things I have learned recently

+ Nvidia is way overpriced, according to conventional Ben Graham value analysis. But Nvidia is perceived as “THE BIG AI PLAY.” And AI is hot. Hence everyone is piling in. There’s talk it will $500 soon. Right now $466.

Momentum rules this market, not value analysis.

+ Amazon remains amazing. All the little software improvements it makes. Kindle is super great. I bet they make more money on electronic Kindle editions than on those heavy physical books that cost a fortune to ship. Most important, no local store, no matter how large, can match the range of products Amazon has. If I fiddle long enough with the naming of what I’m looking for, I can always find it. By the way, Amazon sells jeans for under $40 that most vendors sell for three times that. But better yet, Amazon has jeans in  my exact size. Click here.

+ If you buy an apartment or house for your kid, buy it in a trust. Put it in your kid’s name and the IRS will have a ball with all the money that you  now (stupidly) owe them. Set up a trust here.

+ With each new software upgrade Apple keeps featuring up its phones with useful and not so useful features. But always my fat fingers mess up what I’m trying to do. I’m now done with fingers and I use these things:

To buy them, click here.

+ To heck with it, buy some bitcoin. It’s going up. See your bitcoin as diversification — not stupidity.

+ The New York Times followed my latest real estate– the biggest opportunity today —  piece  with their own piece called Handing Back The Keys.”  The Times is depressing. Mine is upbeat. Interesting concepts in financial journalism. Dumb reporters can be depressing.

Fun cartoons

I need these after too long in bed with an awful cough and pneumonia. They’re silly. But silly is good in today’s world.

Oi vey.

Our portfolio has done well in the last month. Really well.

I’ll be back tomorrow after I’ve played tennis for the first time in three weeks.   — Harry Newton