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AI and fat people stock beneficiaries. Putin is boring and nuts.

Primary AI beneficiaries –Nvidia, ARM and SMCI.

Secondary AI beneficiaries — Google, MSFT, Apple, Amazon, and META

Two primary fat people drugs beneficiaries — NVO and LLY.

Bored and incredulous for 2+ hours

I watched Tucker’s “interview” with Putin last night.

You’ll learn:

+ He wants America to stop sending arms and force Ukraine to negotiate an end to the war and let him keep lots of Ukraine.

+ He wants a friendly administration in Ukraine bereft of “Nazis.”

+ He blames  his SMO (Special Military Operation) in Ukraine on America and NATO expansion.

+ He loves Russian history and can spout it endlessly — and does. Hint: it’s really boring, and old. He goes back to the 600s.

+ “Russia and Ukraine are one people. We will be united. No one will separate our souls.” He can justify his war in Ukraine in more ways than Carter had liver pills.

+ He wants to swap The Wall Street Journal reporter whom he’s imprisoned for someone significant (to him). The reporter is a spy says Putin. That’s total nonsense. He never was a spy. Now the poor man is a bargaining chip.

+ America and the west are finished economically and technologically. To justify that, he spouts economic “facts.” Many are wrong. I checked.

+ Nowhere n the interview is there any remorse for the hundreds of thousands of Russians and Ukrainians killed so far in the SMO.

The best part of the interview are Tucker’s eyes. The more nonsense Tucker hears from Putin, the wider his eyes grow. It gives incredulous a whole new meaning.

There, I’ve just saved you 2+ hours of boredom. Thank you, Harry.

If you insist, you can watch it here.

Bummer — Apple Vision Pro

Zeiss can’t/won’t make inserts for my glasses prescription.

Hence I can’t buy an $3,500+ Apple Vision Pro — even if I wanted to.

The New York Times gives the Vision Pro a semi-lousy review and wonders why anyone would buy it. Click here.

Meantime, Apple CarPlay is the greatest. Make sure your new car has it.

Bummer — Mercedes

Susan has a Mercedes station wagon. We replaced the front wiper blades — $79.20.

I am about to replace my front wiper blades on my Subaru Outback — $37.84.

My Subaru uses regular gas. The Mercedes uses Premium gas, which costs $1.10 to $1.50 per gallon more in our area.

The best way to cook salmon

My mantra: Less red meat. More salmon.

Cooking salmon in the microwave really works great. Click here.

Make sure you read Sam Harris on Islam

If you missed yesterday’s beautiful article on Islam and the middle East, click here.

Many readers emailed me and thanked me for publishing it.

Beware of stocks which go parabolic because of great earnings or whatever. Often they pull back and then move up.

I’ll be back tomorrow. Going now to play tennis.

Daily aggressive exercise that makes you sweat is the best. That’s my bias. — Harry Newton