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How about a return of 90,700%? That’s 43.12% a year. Jensen Huang speaks tomorrow — Monday.

Around 2005, a young engineer went to work for Nvidia. He liked the company and bought 20,000 shares at $1.

They’re now worth $18,160,000.

That’s a return of 90,700% or 43.12% a year. Here’s the chart:

Hard to believe Nvidia was once selling for $1.

He put his 20,000 Nvidia shares in his IRA. He’ll have a nice retirement, with few tax consequences.

Thinking of retirement, I Googled “the nicest beach in the entire world.” It’s baia do sancho in Brasil.

Personally, I prefer Australian beaches.

Harry, that’s a great story. But what about the rest of us?

Today’s New York Times investment editor has a piece  in the paper newspaper “Let’s Ask A.I. How Long Nvidia Can Keep Rising.

Online the article is headlined “If Nvidia Keeps Rising Like This, It Will Be Bigger Than the Global Economy.

My conclusion: it can run further. But it’s not going to continue  the “astonishing growth” for long. You can read the NYTimes piece here.

Tomorrow at 4 PM EST — that’s Monday March 18 — Jensen will deliver his 2-hour keynote address to Nvidia’s hugely-popular GTC conference. He’ll talk about the AI advances that are shaping our future. For a preview click here.

For a little about Jensen,: About two weeks ago, Jensen sat down with a Stanford student for a wide-ranging interview.

Harry’s Latest theories on picking investments

+ Keep your eyes always open. Great investments come along very infrequently. But an IRA stuffed with $1 stocks could ensure our happy retirement better than your 401C  or Uncle Sam’s Social Security ever could.

+ Talk to your friends about what they’re seeing.  Be curious. Ask questions. What’s exciting your friends?

Tomorrow I’ll report more on what I hear from Jensen. He’ always engrossing to listen to. Wait till you see some of his demos!

Meantime, every business – your business, my business, my son’s business — should be using AI.


I did what the New York Times did. I asked ChatGPT “How are businesses using AI today?” And here’s her (?) or his (?) answer:

Make sure you sign up to watch Jensen. Read how to do it here.

Nvidia is my biggest stock position — by far. Largely as a result of recent appreciation.

I’m off to play ping pong with Mark.

See you – Harry Newton