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Thinking through what might happen, if it does turn down

It’s pretty good out there.

There are now more jobs than people out of work —  something America has apparently never experienced before.

The stockmarkets continue to rise. Real estate, also.

My syndicators are selling properties which have reached values they didn’t think possible for another three to five years. The syndicators feel they can’t add more value.

When things are ebullient — like now — it’s a good idea to take a little money off the table — especially from some of your illiquid assets, and some of your stocks which are floundering and haven’t risen in this boom. Maybe also some of those pricey second homes which the kids no longer visit? AirBnB and VRBO are super alternatives. Visit different places in comfort. Give back the keys when you leave.

Maybe some of our borrowings — mortgages, etc. Pay down a mortgage or two with money we’ve made in the markets in the last 18 months?

Now is a good time to simplify your life, as I’m doing with mine.

Now is a good time to check your will and your health proxies? Make sure your family knows your wishes if something happens to you — as it will.

Am I calling for the end to the-March, 2009-to-now boom?


It’s possible that tech stocks will rise another 20% by end.

It’s also possible they won’t.

Markets tend to predict economies and earnings nine months out.

I don’t think our aluminum/steel trade war could swing us into a recession — though Mexico just said it will place a 20% tariff on pork leg and shoulder imports from the U.S. Our farmers won’t be pleased. They’ll complain to Trump.

Above all, be thankful. Most of my readers live in sensible economies like the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, etc.

We don’t live in Venezuela, where people are starving and dying for lack of medicine.

Or Nicaragua where protestors against the government are being killed by the government. Boss of that place is a man called Daniel Ortega who in 2011 said that capitalism was in its “death throes” and portrayed the Bolivarian Alternative for the People of Our America (ALBA) as the most advanced, most Christian and fairest project. He also said God was punishing the United States with the financial crisis for trying to impose its economic principles on poor countries.

Fortunately, there is sense in the world:

Groans erupted at the annual meeting of the International Air Transport Association in Sydney recently when the head of Qatar Airways said that his airline “has to be led by a man, because it is a very challenging position.”


Legal issues

A police officer pulled over a lawyer who had failed to come to a complete stop at a stop sign. The lawyer argued his case that the spirit of the law was simply that the manoeuvre be safe and since he hadn’t caused an accident his actions complied with the law.

The officer disagreed and informed the lawyer he would issue him a ticket.

“I will accept that ticket if you can explain the legal difference between stopping and slowing down to a crawl, officer.”

“Sure,” said the officer, “please step out of the car.”

The lawyer stepped out of his car and the officer withdrew his baton and hit the lawyer repeatedly with it.

“Now,” said the officer, “Do you want me to stop or just slow down.”

Harry Newton.

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  • Pahowly

    The airline comment was a joke, but, of course, the media is making it more.