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A little volatility. No worries. How you can benefit. The crazy Russian’s yacht.

Tech looks a little soft today. But SQ, CENT, NEWR and LADR are up. Hence I’m happy.

The biggest idiocy is selling a stock if you still like it. That’s called panic. Sell only if something is wrong with the company. But, right now, I’m happy with our portfolio and sticking  with it. We have good companies. Click here.

The big thing to do in this market is:

+ Make a list of your five favorite companies.

+ Put a limit buy order in at 12% below where the stock is selling today.

Maybe you’ll get lucky and snag a bargain on one of those temporary intra-day dips?

I don’t see Trump’s Trade Wars seriously hurting the stock market. If you have five minutes, read what’s in today’s Economist. Click here.

They just don’t listen

One day I’ll write a book on listening. For now, if they don’t listen or they don’t give you a reasoned explanation as to why you’re wrong, don’t invest with them.

Good stuff

+ For big files — like movies and photos — we use

+ If I haven’t used it or worn it in a year, chuck it out. Closets were not made to be overstuffed. Airy closets are a joy.

+ Stop buying clothes and stuff you don’t need.

+ Call your cable company and say you need extra speed. Their competitor is offering it. Hence they should too. You’ll be blown away with how much extra Internet speed they’ll give you — often for free, as part of your monthly package.

+ Remember to hit the Save button every few minutes. Keep backups of your working files on flash drives.

+ I get six to 12 spam calls a day — most about health insurance and free trips. I block them on my iPhone. But the calls come from different numbers. It’s called spoofing. I am on the Don’t Call Registry. That doesn’t do any good. I don’t think there is a solution except to ignore “Unknown Calls.”

+ Muriel Fullam, my wonderful CFO, loves her new Fitbit Versa.


Gives her texts and a huge amount of fitness training and measuring that the much more expensive Apple Watch, doesn’t give me. Click here.

+ This Sonicare toothbrush used to cost over $100. Its’s now $19.95, a bargain. I bought it because my old Sonicare died.


Click here. 

+ Neat video of useful tips on doing common household chores:

Russian Oligarchs are wonderfully nuts

One of them, a Farkhad Akhmedova, is in the middle of a messy divorce, involving inter alia this $500 million yacht:


The yacht, called the Luna, has a spa, a swimming pool, two heliports and room for 18 guests. It’s more like a floating luxury villa than a yacht.

A crew of 50 keep all nine decks in pristine shape. The lifeboats cost $4 million apiece. Gleaming engines propel the vessel at a maximum speed of 22 knots.

Ms. Akhmedova still speaks fondly of the years she spent with her ex-husband, whom she says she met in Moscow in 1989, when she was 17. He was nearly twice her age.

“He was wearing a suit,” she said. “He struck me as a very proper gentleman.”

The two married in 1993 and moved to London. He started off in the fur business, selling sable skins on the London Commodity Exchange. He later pivoted to the natural gas sector and, in 2012, sold his 49 percent stake in Northgas for a reported $1.4 billion.

For more on this stupid story, click here. 

Remember the old adage, “If it floats, flies or f..ks, rent it.”

The French Tennis Open at Roland Garros is on

This morning, it’s the men’s semi-finals. Nadal vs De Potro. There’ll be tennis all weekend. Probably on the Tennis Channel or ESPN.

Latest favorite New Yorker cartoons

uselessdegree Cheese commute

Harry Newton. Have a great weekend. I will.


  • Dankeay

    Use use to block spam calls to my landline and smartphones. Works great and there is peace in the house now. It’s free for landlines and works with Verizon, Comcast and others. For smartphones, there is a nominal charge.

  • Gary S

    Try the Hiya free iPhone app, it blocks many, but not all junk calls for me. I’ve tried Truecaller but Hiya seems to work better. Change the 3 protection settings to block like I have on the attached.

  • Lucky

    + I get six to 12 spam calls a day…I hate those calls too so we stopped answering our phone unless we are expecting an important call. Otherwise, all calls go to voice mail (or they hang-up). We do not own a business anymore so we can do this. On my voice mail I apologize and explain why we are not answering our phone anymore and that if their call is legitimate we will call them back soon, The number of calls have decreased as well.

  • Glenn

    Funny, I just bought a new Sonicare after having the one you purchased. Don’t waste even $20 on that Sonicare. Splurge an extra $20 for the Sonicare 4100 or $69 for 5100. I bought both and they are way better. Better design, feels like ur teeth are actually getting clean and pulses when brushing too hard which is a great feature.

    • Harry Newton

      i like the Sonicare I bought. I also have a bunch of heads left over.