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Grit your teeth. Stay the course.

This is what the S&P 500 has done over the last 12 months: It’s up 2%.

The ride has been rocky.

Rocky creates agita.

My intelligent friends grit their teeth and stay the course.

I cull the junk — the ones that have fallen too far – or sell the spectaculars — the ones that have risen too fast.

My “brilliant” conclusion is I should stop trying to be too smart.

I should stick with those working well. Like old favorites — Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Home Depot, Ladder Capital (still yielding 7.9%), Honeywell, Google, and Zoetis.

Or stick with VGT, which is the Vanguard Nasdaq ETF. Look at it compared to the SPX. It’s up 7.6%.

Remember the charts above don’t include dividends which add to your return.

The conclusion for the last year is simple and obvious (Dah!):

Don’t be panicked into fixed interest stuff, like “safe” CDs.

The cash you put into them should be put into great stocks when they drop.

Nibble at them. Because you don’t know if they’re likely to get cheaper when they drop — short-term.

But long-term, they’ll be up.

Profound investment philosophy. (Harry, you just figured this out?)

Gotta train yourself to be smart …

And to be healthy. Do this every day (or something like it):

And remember to cherish your grandkids. This one is Sophie. I’m taking her to children”s theater next weekend.

I wish she’d stop growing. She’s at perfect age — right now.

But she’s always been at a perfect age. They all are….