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Reasons to feel wonderful.

Start with the weather. It’s glorious.

Everything is exploding, including this tree that fell in love with the traffic pole on the Transverse in New York’s Central Park. True love.

Then move onto Ken Burns’ eight episodes of two hours documentary on country music.

Your local PBS station may be playing episodes or you can stream them from here.

I especially liked Episode 3 — “The Hillbilly Shakespeare” (1945 – 1953). That was Hank Williams, whose songs of emotional depth sprung from his troubled and tragically short life.

Don’t click on the white triangle. Use this link to watch it. Click here.  

Then I move onto my “diet.” Get some fresh pasta, slice tomatoes and peppers into the pasta. Add pasta sauce. Swoosh around. Heat up. Delicious. The key is fresh produce. There’s plenty of that around at present. Especially  bright red tomatoes, courtesy the Johnsons.

You don’t have to go this far. But it is funny.

There’s biking around New York. Here’s a bike map of New York, showing Central Park, which is closed to cars during the day. Wonderful to ride around the park — nearly 6 miles.

You can rent bikes on every second street corner.

What can I do personally about climate change?

+ Change all my bulbs to LED. Saves heat and electricity. Buy bulbs at Amazon. I recently bought one LED MR-16 locally for $11.25. I bought a 12-pack on Amazon for $29.99. Go figure. Click here.

+ You can put solar panels on your home. Payback can be quick or slow — depending on local electricity prices and any government kickback you get from government agencies. The present “big” push for solar is electric cars. Install solar, you’ll never buy “gas” again. Coastal installations can pay back in two to three years. Central country installations (e.g. Rocky Mountains) can pay back in eight to ten years. Faster if you have an electric car — which you will soon. Trust me. We’re all getting them.

+ If you own commercial property, the BIG deal is installing a building management system. The thing is a computer running the building’s heating, cooling and ventilation. Saves electricity,. The building is more comfortable for the tenants. With today’s building-wide heating or cooling, you boil in some places, freeze in others. You heat or cool places where there’s nobody — like conference rooms. Get a building management system, you’ll get your building Lead certification and attract tenants who will only move into Lead buildings. It will be a nicer building to work in, also.

Climate change is with us. It’s not friendly and it needs to be addressed seriously. Al Gore had an absolutely engrossing piece in the New York Times Sunday Review. Click here. 

I can’t summarize it. You need to read it. Two paragraphs really caught my eye:

Today, the fastest-growing occupation in the United States is solar installer, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and it has exceeded average job growth sixfold in the last five years. The second-fastest growing job: wind turbine service technician.

In Australia, a high-tech entrepreneur, Mike Cannon-Brookes, is reportedly planning to sell renewable electricity generated in the Northern Territories to South Asian cities over a long-distance undersea cable. Globally, close to 200 of the world’s largest companies have announced commitments to use 100 percent renewable energy, and several have already reached that goal. A growing number of cities, states and provinces have pledged to do the same.

Darwin is the capital of Australia’s Northern Territory. Here’s how close Australia is to Asia:

Oh, yes, one more paragraph from Al Gore:

The number of electric vehicles on the road has increased by 450 percent in the past four years, and several automobile manufacturers are shifting research and development spending away from internal combustion vehicles, because the cost-reduction curve for E.V.s is expected to soon drop the cost of the vehicle well below comparable gasoline and diesel models’. Over half of all buses in the world will be electric within the next five years, a majority in China, according to some market experts. At least 16 nations have set targets to phase out internal combustion engine vehicles.

That’s it. I’m off to bike, play tennis and enjoy our glorious weather.

It’s Rosh Hashana on Sunday. The rule is sell on Rosh Hashana and buy on Yom Kippur (ten days later). But it could be the other way around. No one seems to know. It’s like starving a fever…

Boy, the Democrats are really killing UNH. My ultra-low buy bid just kicked in this morning. I bought a few. But I’m already losing a few bucks. Maybe I’ll win at tennis?

So glad that I’m too small to be given shares in IPOs. Most of this year’s bunch are below their offering price. Check out today’s PTON (Peloton). It’s several bucks below its offering price of $29. As I write this, it’s $26.76.


  1. Bruce Miller says:

    Reasons to feel wonderful:

    1.) recently sold out of ROKU near its peak.

    2.) holding Yeti the 5th most shorted stock …great squeeze play.

    a. Yeti Holdings Inc (NYSE: YETI), $510.3 million short interest, 64.8% of float.

  2. Lucky says:

    Tesla cop car almost runs out of juice in high-speed pursuit

    This headline says a lot for electric cars!