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I’m looking for nuggets. I’ve found three places to search.

The three places to search — fun weekend work — are:

+ The Fortune Magazine’s Future 50. See below. We own many already.

+ CNBC Disruptor 50. They’re private companies. But they have technology and neat ideas. Click here.

+ Latest IPOs from Cramer was pushing Progyny (PGNY) last night.  Click here.

Here are the top ten of the Future 50:

You can find the other 40 here.


+ The launch of Apple TV+, coupled with Apple’s foray into digital services, could help the company increase its income from advertising by more than fivefold to $11 billion annually within the next six years. Analysts at JP Morgan said on Friday said the company had the potential to raise revenue by a third every year, from an estimated $2 billion currently to $11 billion in 2025.

+ Cisco CEO said things were awful in the enterprise telecom space. He should have said their lack of growth is 100% Cisco’s fault. They’ve simply defined their space wrong. I’ve been watching this company for 40 years. I still can’t get my head around how stupid they’ve been. Heck, they’re a premier technology company. They keep betting on the wrong horse. They can’t even beat the S&P500. Here’s Cisco over the past ten years, compared to the S&P500 and Apple. Are there any Cisco chips in Apple phones? I bet not.

Favorite cartoons

This company sells dog food. Here’s what they have on their packaging:


Another shooting this week in California. This cartoon is sad.

Eleanor’s sixth birthday was yesterday.

This is Eleanor with her birthday present from Susan and me. Her present came from Amazon. Where else?

Winding down

I covered my Boeing short, which proved a disaster, sold my Netflix and bought more Disney.  I like stocks paying cash dividends. Apple just paid big. But even bigger was Fidelity’s SPAXX money market fund. Anyone who keeps cash not in a money market fund is nuts.

Talking nuts, Lee Cooperman should shut up. He has no facts, figures or studies. He just hates wealth taxes. He’s playing right into Elizabeth Warren’s hands. She could win the nomination.

Wealth taxes are hard. Imagine you own a big company that’s suddenly losing money (for whatever reason). The government assesses a wealth tax on your money-losing company. What happens if you’re not generating sufficient cash flow to pay your wealth tax? You’re bankrupt. Maybe Chapter 7. Thousands of people lose their jobs. What now? I bet Warren doesn’t have a plan for that.

Have a great weekend. Good luck with your research.

There’s great tennis on the Tennis Channel. Enjoy. — Harry Newton