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Stocks on sale

It’s 8;57 AM — half an hour before the market will open.

Stocks on sale.

That’s what futures are telling me.

Buy. Buy. Buy your favorite stocks today.

I am. You should, too.

P.S. I’m not being ghoulish. They’ll fix this, just as they fixed Ebola, AIDs/HIV, etc.

— See you later today. Harry Newton


  • gerryb

    For perspective: According to the WHO, 3-5 million people around the world get severe flu every year with about 250k-500k people dying from it.

  • Mike Nash

    My broker is saying the same thing – buy! Yet, my doctor is telling me that this pandemic is worse. He says based on what he knows it could potentially wipe out half of China and perhaps kill one-fourth of all of the people in New York City and San Francisco.

    • gerryb


    • TomFromVa

      I would consider getting another broker

      Unless you like being the brokee