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We’re up today. Yesterday we were down. Here are some steps (bad pun) to staying healthy

The coronavirus has no vaccine and no cure for old, sick people who are prone to get it and die from it.

Most people recover.

Meantime, give up shaking hands.

+ Get cool, fist bump.

+ Wash your hands regularly.

+ Don’t touch your face with your hands.

Enjoy life.

Even if it means staying up all night and watching the incredible tennis from Melbourne,  Australia — ESPN2 and The Tennis Channel.

Stop kvetching to me about your fears

Sell some of your gains and go somewhere.

For the New York Times’ full list, click here.

Getting push-back on silica

My engineer subscriber says silica — silicon dioxide — is fine if you drink it, but not inhale it. Hence Fuji Water is fine.

My philosophy is simple: Why expose my tired old body to chemicals, if I don’t have to?

I have in my hand a bottle of Smart Water — that’s what it’s called.

Ingredients include magnesium chloride and potassium bicarbonate.  I figure I need these like a hole in the head.

In my other hand, I have a bottle of Poland Spring natural spring water. It doesn’t contain silica, or any of the Smart Water stuff I can’t spell or pronounce.

I went online and checked the Water Analysis report for Poland Spring — It doesn’t seem to contain much of anything, except water.

I like water.


I said I was ultra-happy with my many implants.

Just to be sure, you got the idea… I was referring to my teeth.

Some of my readers had other ideas.

Don’t do stupid, again

This actually exists:

Guess what’s missing? A hand rail?

Guess where the falls are happening?

I got bombarded over the weekend with stories of old people falling on the last and second last stair.

Guess why? They didn’t hold the hand rail — if it even existed.

If you don’t have hand rails at home, install them now — before you end up in hospital with a busted pelvis.

Greatest ever sign in a doctor’s office 

Buy this book which is set in Melbourne where the tennis is being played.

It’s the funniest, tear-jerker ever.

When you do something stupid, play this song

Or when something untoward happens to you.

The song is called Shake if Off. Play it full screen and at full volume. The words are fun.

Remember yesterday’s blog:

We’re up today — not as much as we lost yesterday. But everything I bought yesterday is up. Hence, as they say in Australia, it’s better than a slap in the belly with a cold fish.

Federer is playing Sandgren on a re-run of last night’s match. It’s on the Tennis Channel. Amazing tennis.

See you tomorrow – Harry Newton

  • Peter

    1) If the market is up with low volume, there will be trouble ahead.
    2) The death toll from coronavirus in China is 106 so far. But in this flu season, the death toll in USA is 1300 already. In the last flu season, the death toll in USA is 8000, according to google search. Please don’t think USA’s flu is safer. It is more nasty. We all need to be careful.