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Planes Parked in Pittsburgh. Rapture Christians will soon have it all.

JetBLue is running at 2% capacity. I’m guessing American is too. This video will blow you away — landing in Pittsburgh, shot by a passenger. Dozens of American Airlines planes neatly lined up, with nowhere to go.

Many April rents were paid. Many weren’t. Some places are passing user friendly “no-pay, no eviction” regulations, without understanding that rents go to pay local taxes, street cleaning, garbage removal, etc. It’s the classic “cutting off your nose to save your face.”

There are two aspects to saving this economy:

  + The huge monies committed by the Fed and Congress.

  + The speed and efficiency of getting it into people’s and companies’ pockets.

The verdict’s not in — but speed and efficiency will make the difference between some sort of recovery and a depression caused by all the  unemployment.

I’m skeptical.

I remember Ronald Reagan’s quip, “I’m from the Government and I’m here to help you.”

The Administration’s response to the Covid pandemic has been depressingly pathetic.

Read The Atlantic’s well-researched piece:

This Is Trump’s Fault
The president is failing, and Americans are paying for his failures.

Click here.

Sunday’s New York Times kicked off with:

He Could Have Seen What Was Coming: Behind Trump’s Failure on the Virus
An examination reveals the president was warned about the potential for a pandemic but that internal divisions, lack of planning and his faith in his own instincts led to a halting response.

Click here.

For a simple explanation, try this:

Where are stocks going?

This is the last three months in the S&P 500. Notice the big bounce that began on March 23. My learned friend Mark Lev quipped “Dead Cat Bounce.”

I find it hard to see this bounce continuing. It’s anyone’s guess.

When in doubt, stay out. Or at least be extremely wary.

Trying to figure it all out with God and the Rapture

I found this in my weekend reading. I can’t remember where. But it explains a lot (at least to me):

They’re also known as Rapture Christians, thanks to their conviction that before things start to get really ugly on the earth, with God-sent wars and plagues far worse than COVID-19, they’ll be wafted up to heaven en masse, to live in eternal peace, bliss, and moral superiority while everyone else — including lesser Christians — suffers years’ worth of unspeakably gruesome torments prior to the final, earth-destroying battle between Warrior Jesus and Satan at Armageddon, and the Final Judgment in which Jews and others who refuse to convert are condemned to eternal torture in hell. (There are different timelines and versions, and end-time predictions are always evolving, but this one is currently most in vogue.) As Pompeo put it, in a Kansas church in 2015, the future looks like a “never-ending struggle . until the Rapture. Be part of it. Be in the fight.”

Many of friends believe Mr. Trump was sent by God.

Comments on today’s world

Try this with your kids

Great news:

My 82-year old friend, Miles, is off 11 days on a ventilator and recovering. He’s very weak. But he’s alive and his wife can now speak to him.

You don’t want what he got.

Getting back to work

Despite what Mr. Trump wants, I doubt I’ll be back in New York City before Christmas. The key is ramping up testing. Sadly, the Administration hasn’t figured out how to do that.

New York’s governor Andrew Cuomo

Cuomo has been delivering real information and real hope to us New Yorkers. This is him talking.

My shorts are kicking in this morning — finally.

We have a major storm in Columbia County, New York, today. I lost power three times while writing this blog.  Fortunately, my laptop has a battery and I have big batteries and surge arrestors protecting most everything else.

See you tomorrow — Harry Newton


  1. Mike Nash says:

    Harry, exactly when did your website turn into Fox News or InFoWars providing for angry far right loons? Trump is an evil Nazi white Supremacist. Thank god he will be gone come November and we’ll have President Biden.

  2. gerryb says:

    The CCP is where the blame and outrage should be directed:

    • Lucky says:

      Mike Nash if you do nothing else watch this exceptional video…immediately after watching the video immediately apply for immigration to the beautiful and modern city of Wuhan, China…you will not only love the city you will absolutely love the CCP form of government. You will not even have to learn the language as China is strongly bilingual and “American style” English is spoken by a high percentage of the population. English is a forced learning by all children over 10 years old and has been for the past 30 years. Street signs and much advertising and signs on buildings are printed in both English and Chinese. No doubt, there is a very good reason for China to speak “American” English. I have been to China twice, including once to Wuhan…I chose to live in The United States of America!

  3. Mike Nash says:

    Trump is a cancer. He’s a tumor that needs to be excised. He’s a malignant, non-human growth. He is threatening to cut funding to the World Health Organization in the middle of a global pandemic. That would be Hitler-esque behavior. He may be worse than Hitler. Trump supporters are the type who would applaud as Jews were loaded onto trains in WW II. Trump’s refusal to act to stop Covid-19 in February, despite all the reports predicting it was going to be a huge catastrophe,will go down in history as possibly the biggest bungle by an American president ever. And still the Republican loons support him. History will not remember Trump supporters kindly. They’ll be remembered as anti-semitic, white supremecist, racist maniacs who were none-too-bright.

    • Lucky says:

      Mike…you are sick…sick…sick. You really should move to some country that you think is better than the United States of America…and the sooner the better! I have traveled to more than 65 countries around the world (including Wuhan China) and I “kiss the earth” when I return to the United states of America upon every return home.

      • Mike Nash says:

        Lucky, the U.S. is a garbage country. IT’s one of the worst nations on earth. So corrupt. Led by a madman. And you Trump supporters are the sick ones. Anybody who still supports Trump after he bungled the coronavirus response needs to be locked up and the key thrown away. Seriously, you and the other TRump supporters are damaged and seriously, seriously mentally ill. Think of the poor New Yorkers struggling to breathe on ventilators, their families unable to visit them or even attend their funerals. That’s all because of Trump and his terrible handling of this crisis.

        • Lucky says:

          Please…Please…Mike. Leave the United States of America ASAP and leave the rest of us, who love our country, to enjoy it in peace. You are the garbage you refer to.

        • Dman says:

          Hey Liberal Mike take a few minutes today to see when it was that Trump first tweeted “Covfefe” and then if your not to tired try to understand what “Covfefe” actually represents.

          Best of luck asshole….enjoy

          The Great Awakening
          Trust The Plan

  4. Scooter says:

    So when Dr. Anthony Fauci on January 21 tells us that the Corona Virus is not a major threat…. then 4 days later Trump closes traffic to China and he’s called a zeno, racist etc. by the media. Now he’s the one who didn’t act?

    Harry, I know you are biased, but seriously, I hope you understand one of these days that the large media mongrels are nothing an arm of the Democratic party.

    • Omer Acikel says:

      Hey Scooter, again this is not a politics platform but for the benefit of the doubt I have a few things to tell you. Everyone who supports Trump gives the same interview to push the blame on Dr. Fauci who may lose his job so Mr. Trump looks good. BTW, interestingly enough “the reporter” asks “this is not a threat, right?” and does not get straight “no” answer but never the less, he gets the answer he wants to hear at the end. That does not like a reporter after truth but more like agenda set up -remember at the time Mrf Trump was under pressure already about not doing enough. The presidency of the US is surrounded by many resources for right decisions. Right decisions require information and knowledge. From the recent reports -BTW none denied it-, Mr. Trump and his close advisors were getting serious enough indications about the magnitude of what was coming, including Peter Navarro who all of the sudden became an expert in viral epidemiology simply because he has a PhD. Timing of all these are pretty interesting actually. They needed a fall guy and they found one from an interview. I worry, a lot actually, when the President points his skull when asked “what are your metrics to make decision to open US for business”. There you have it, it is not about American people, it is about business and always has been. The funny thing is some of his supporters, not any better IQ than he has, still believe in him about “draining the swamp”, really? Give me a break.

      • Dman says:

        You are in for a huge shock you ignorant liberal fool. Listen to AG Barr talk about the Durham investigation.

        #adrenochrome will allow Trump to essentially own 90% of Hollywood.

        The Great Awakening
        Trust The Plan

  5. Dman says:

    Harry…..did you like Gov Cuomo’s nipple piercings?

    …..sick evil people you Democrat’s are.

  6. Dman says:

    I sure hope Nancy and her nephew Gavin aren’t putting Covid19 into locally sold marijuana.

    Harry……they own your little mind totally.

    Harry……the amount of unlearning that faces you is almost uncomprehendable, because everything you believe is a lie.

    The Great Awakening
    Trust The Plan

  7. Tom says:

    The Atlantic? The NYT? Both are trump arch enemies. Why not quote Hillary on it too?

  8. Lucky says:

    Ever the pessimist Harry…whatever you do…do not give our President credit for doing anything right like closing boarders and that sort of thing. Maybe you would like to give us some of your great wisdom as to how you would handle a pandemic! .

    • bike20017 says:

      Many New Yorkers (most of them being Democrats) are “leading” by hiding out in upper New York state, or fled to Florida with their fellow escapees.

      When the going gets tough – the tough (Democrats) get going. Going, Going, Gone!