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Get cash. Wait. Wait. Buy cheap assets — when they become available

My favorite syndicator didn’t buy anything for three years after the Great Recession of 2008. Offered “values” were ridiculous.

Then the prices came down. And he pounced.

This time prices will come down. It may be a while.

Having cash will be a powerful weapon. Being able to close quickly is a huge weapon.

This time, there’s mega-cash sitting on the sidelines, ready to pounce. The institutions are loaded with it.

The stock market continues to rise. I’m not too sure why, except that stocks benefiting by Shop-from-Home, Stay-at-Home are booming — AMZN, ROKU, WMT, ZM, DOCU, AAPL, etc.

Rent payments are at risk(?)

My friend Ed, writes me:

The new law passed by congress says no landlord in the US can start an eviction for non-payment until July 26th and even then the tenant gets another 30 days.  There could be a nationwide rent strike and federal law would prohibit owners from doing anything about it!  The safe play right now is to conserve cash.

I’m hearing from landlords that most rents are actually being paid. April was good.

My magnificent Boeing short

Shorting is really hard. You can get caught up in a short squeeze. You can panic and not have the faith to believe in your impeccable “logic.”

I shorted Boeing. It started to rise. And I covered. I made money. But think of all the money I could have made?

I’m a panic merchant. I need to have more faith in my “logic.” Hard.

Look at today’s news on

  • Boeing customers canceled 150 of its 737 Max planes in March, adding to the company’s woes.
  • The aircraft manufacturer has halted commercial aircraft production because of Covid-19.
  • Aviation is among the hardest-hit industries by the pandemic.

Look at this five year chart. Management and Wall Street pumped the stock to $446 and then the quality-control chickens came home to roost:

I’ve always thought that Boeing was the classic cockroach stock. I still do.

They want to fire Fauci. 


+ He’s too in league with big pharma.

+ He doesn’t understand the idea of boosting our immune system, as against popping pills.

+ He’s messing with our freedom, by forcing us to stay at home.

+ He won’t let Trump open the economy, thus worsening the economy.

+ He told us to ignore the virus when he should have raised loud alarm bells.

+ Most importantly, Fauci has the audacity to contradict President Trump and expose many of Trump’s half-truths and downright lies. That’s not popular with Trump supporters.

One absolute certainty: The fitter you are,the better your chances.

Hence: Eat healthy, get some sun, rest, don’t stress. There’s a bunch of supplements and vitamins you can take. Here’s a piece by a non-doctor on “How I’m assisting my Covid-19 patients with natural medicine.” Click here.

Where do I personally come down? I’m not into extreme solutions — like being hooked to an IV and being pumped with mega doses of Vitamin C. If the weather’s awful, I may pop a multi-vitamin. In the main, I follow my formula highlighted above. Today I’ll play tennis outside.

WiFi is nice, but not as fast

I plug my laptop into my router and I get this:

Then I switch it to WiFi and I get this. A lot slower.

You can figure the moral: Wired is better.

AT&T bought DirecTV and is destroying it

Here’s what DirecTV looked like the other evening.

Here’s what YouTube TV looked like.

YouTube TV — at $50 a month — is more reliable and much cheaper. It’s also portable. You can take it wherever you go. One day we will go somewhere. It looks as good as DirecTV, when DirecTV is actually working.

Sunset Columbia County last night

It looked brighter, more colorful. But my iPhone is miserable with sunsets.

Dumb comments

+ My Mom always told me I wouldn’t accomplish anything by laying in the bed all day, but look at me now! I’m saving the world!!!!

+ Whoever owes you money, go to their house now. They will be home.

+ Homeschooling Day #3. They all graduated. Done.

See you tomorrow. — Harry Newton




  1. TomFromVa says:

    Harry – looking at the DirectTV screen and the YouTube, I’ll take the DirectTV

    Your beautiful sunset looks like the Australian fires

    Lastly, on tennis what we do is wear a glove on our left (ie non-racquet) hands and then only handle the balls with our left hand. We keep our distance while on the court and overall I figure our chances of getting Corona are less than from taking a walk and passing dozens of people.

    Best wishes

  2. Dman says:

    Harry…….Do you think the UN building in NYC would make for a wonderful location for the Donald Trump Presidential Library?

    You Bet Your Ass
    Trust The Plan