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Open the economy. Here’s why.

22 million are unemployed. Open the economy. They’ll get their jobs back.

Make noise about opening the economy wins votes.

Guess who wins in November? Guess which way the market goes between now and then?

This quarantine would be lot easier if more people took distancing rules seriously. The police in Australia issue huge fines if they catch you violating strict rules — fines as high as $11,000.

Young people think they’re either immune or, if they get it, they won’t feel any effects.

I’m also amazed at the Administration’s inertia and  ignorance. One spokewoman thought Covid-19 meant it was the nineteenth covid. (And she said so non national TV.) She didn’t know it was named after the year it emerged — 2019.

New things I’ve learned about the virus

  + Coronavirus aerosole droplets can linger in the air for days. Solution: Move air. Get a fan to get rid of the poison. Open the windows. Air movement is especially important in apartment and office lobbies.

  + The virus can hurt your brain and other vital organs permanently — kidneys, liver, nervous system. We don’t know all or the extent, yet.

  + The virus can weaken your immune system.

  + You can get horrible problems —  headaches, fever, coughing, chills, no smell, no taste, shortness of breath. (If you can’t get from your bed to your bathroom without being winded, get yourself to the ER.

  + Masks are good. Wear them when you’re out. You won’t touch your face. Hands-to-face is the virus path.

You don’t want Covid-19 — whatever your age. I may stay in the boonies until Christmas.

Our robins are back 

This was one of last year’s two batches.

Right now they’re re-building their nest after Winter’s ravaging.

Life continues.

Comments on our quarantine

Susan is threatening to cut my hair.

Stocks to make hay with

Yesterday I had some Stay-at-home stock recommendations. Click here. Some are easing back today — like AMZN, NFLX, ROKU, NVDA, AAPL, DOCU, and WMT. Good opportunity to buy while they’re a little on sale.

Gilead has caught fire because of Remdesivir’s positive results in small trials. I now believe every one should own a little biotech — including GLD, JNJ, LLY and ABT. The stock market is desperate for good news on covid drugs. Look what these four did recently:

Don’t do stupid. See you Monday.

Harry Newton


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