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Escape from New York. Why I really don’t want Covid-19. Apple’s great new SE and new iPad

“If I had six spec houses today, I could sell them tomorrow,” said my favorite house builder, Bill Stratton, yesterday.

“People are leaving the City in droves. Like in that Kurt Russell film, “Escape from New York,” said my favorite broker Pamela Belfor today.

You can buy this three bedroom, 1952 square foot deck house with central A/C, generator and 23 acres for $630,000 in Columbia County — about 121 miles north of Manhattan. For that money, you can barely buy a 192 square foot studio apartment in New York City.

For more on the house, click here.

This is why I’m deathly afraid of catching this virus

Summary: Covid-19 has now been shown to damage multiple organ systems, including the lungs, the heart, the kidneys, and the brain.

From the New Yorker:

Doctors around the world—including in the emergency department where we work, at Mount Sinai Hospital, in Manhattan—have learned the hard way that the coronavirus doesn’t confine its ravages to the lungs.

Covid-19 can push kidneys into failure, send the body’s immune system into catastrophic overdrive, and cause blood clots that impede circulation to the lungs, heart, or brain. It’s a disease of remarkable complexity, which even the most experienced doctors are struggling to understand.

On blogs, podcasts, and #medtwitter, members of the medical community have been trading stories and theories about covid-19’s intricacies. Often, their conversation has followed the methodology of critical-care doctors. Physicians who work in I.C.U.s tend to talk not about symptoms or diseases—chest pain, diabetes—but about organ systems, which can malfunction and interact in complex ways. System by system, a picture of covid-19 is emerging. Clarifying it may mean the difference between life and death for thousands of people in the months to come.

The shortness of breath that’s most characteristic of covid-19 is reasonably well understood. It originates in the gossamer air sacs of the lungs, called alveoli, where blood and air are separated by such thin membranes that oxygen and carbon dioxide can pass into and out of the bloodstream, respectively.

Between them, the lungs have somewhere in the neighborhood of six hundred million alveoli. Severe covid-19 causes many of them to either collapse or fill with fluid. The virus attacks the cells lining the alveoli; our overactive immune systems, in trying to fight the virus, may be damaging them as well. The result is that not enough oxygen gets into the blood.

You can (and should) read the full article here.

Susan’s new iPad Pro is stunning

This morning, Susan is doing Zoom with her remote pilates teacher.

Her teacher commented that the iPad’s new camera was “stunning.” so much better than Susan’s old iPad.

Her new iPad Pro has 11-inches with 256 GB. It’s an early Mothers Day present.

Susan is also getting the Magic Keyboard, but it won’t arrive until after Mothers Day. Shucks.

The new iPhone SE is a genuine bargain

You can buy the new iPhone SE for $399. You get everything I have on my pricey iPhone 11 Pro, except your screen is slightly smaller and you get only one camera, not three.

But you get all the same great Apple software I have on my phone iPhone, including FaceTime and the family photostream of kid photos- the two things that Grandpa Harry really cares about. Photos of kids and speaking with them on video.

The New York Times just reviewed the phone:

Apple iPhone SE Review: A Superb Smartphone for a Humble Price
For $399, this smartphone hits the high notes: speedy, a great camera and a nice screen. Took long enough, didn’t it?

Read  the review here. To buy a phone, click here.

Sometimes you don’t need to read the whole book

Here’s a fun book on Amazon. It’s not all about Trump.

Click on “Look Inside” and you’ll read this wonderful story on Bill Clinton:

To get your free read, click here.

Yesterday, we played our 53rd consecutive tennis game of the lockdown

We’re keeping track with this handy gadget from Amazon.

I need a haircut. But Rosie got a wash yesterday. She also needs a haircut. This is Mark Johnson’s handsome red  court in West Ghent, Columbia County, NY.

It’s not easy to find a painter, plumber , stucco guy, or electrician in booming Columbia County.

I hear there’s a huge nationwide demand for truckers. You can earn $65,000+. To train for a CDL license will cost $3,000 to $7,000. Cheaper than going to college.

See you tomorrow — Harry Newton


  • TomFromVa

    Love the golf story – and envious that you get to play tennis every day. Around here you have to know someone with a private facility that has stayed open if you want to play. Even my club has closed its courts. Meantime, pass on this tip: when I play, either singles or doubles, we wear gloves on our left hands, and only use that for handling balls or any other shared items. That way we have no contact with anything that could transfer virus.

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    Define: whistling past the graveyard?

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    ………’s over Harry……you just don’t know it YET…..LOLOL!!!

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