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Don’t sell. Down days are for buying. Up days are for playing tennis.

The headline says it all. Don’t sell. Down days are for buying. Up days are for playing tennis.

When in doubt, stay out. Play tennis. Or go for along walk.

Murder and Mayhem

This is the second leg we’ve found on our beautifully manicured lawn on our Country Estate. The first came from a wild turkey. This one looks like a deer.

A week ago, a family of red foxes moved in with us. There’s the mother, two cute babies and an enormous father, who’s apparently a great hunter.

This is a baby finch. It fell out of its nest. But Mark saved its life and reunited it with its mother.

This was Monday’s sunset:

Ah, the joy of quarantining in the country.

A wonderful Jewish joke. Enjoy.

Cooking tip

People can be so stupid 

Novak Djokovic, who is very good at tennis and less good at basic common sense, has tested positive for COVID-19. The world’s top-ranked tennis player announced his diagnosis on Tuesday, following exhibition games in Serbia and Croatia that everyone had warned him were a bad idea, and “reckless partying” in Belgrade. “Everything we did in the past month, we did with a pure heart and sincere intentions,” Djokovic, 33, said in a statement. “Our tournament meant to unite and share a message of solidarity and compassion throughout the region.” Djokovic was criticized earlier this year after saying he is “opposed to vaccination” and “wouldn’t want to be forced by someone to take” a COVID-19 vaccine before traveling, when one becomes available.

Djoko gives stupidity a whole new meaning. I never knew.

There’s oodles of fake meat in our supermarket

Fake is also more expensive than real meat. And, in my unhumble opinion, doesn’t taste as good.  It’s all over for Beyond Meat (BYND). Good promotion while it lasted.

I played my 103rd tennis game this morning. I updated my list of favorite stocks on my web site: Here.

I’m not buying gold or gold miners. Buying them smells too much of desperation.

See you probably tomorrow — Harry Newton



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  1. Dman says:

    Harry……..your 2 buddies Cuomo and deBlasio are in gigantic trouble. Just think if you were in one of those elderly housing facilities, you’d probably be dead.

    The Great Awakening
    Trust The Plan
    Future Proves Past

    ……….Trump is draining the huge swamp, just ask your former AG for Southern Dist of Manhattan Mr. Berman. This moron thought he could deny Barr and Trump…LOLOL! Harry why do you flaming insane liberals hate Lt Gen Mike Flynn so much? If you don’t know don’t worry, you’ll find out soon enough…..LOLOL!!!