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In Search of a Simple Investment Philosophy, and some new stock purchases

The facts:

  + Stocks are way overpriced — by conventional value metrics.

  + The Fed is doing anything and everything to support the economy. Don’t fight it.

   + There’s $5 to $10 trillion in cash looking for a profitable home. Hence the ridiculous rise in stock prices and value increases in stabilized multi-family residential real estate.

  + The virus lockdown has accelerated extant trends — like digitization of business and remote work. And the fixing up of homes (like ours).

  + There will be huge bargains in newly-redundant real estate an converting (aka repurposing) it to some thing else — e.g. warehouses for online retailers.

In short, this world is full of opportunities. Jack, be nimble. Jack be quick.


CHECK. CHECK. CHECK.  My oldest philosophy. Two true stories:

  + “What’s with the airport?” The buyer moved into his new $5 million house. His first call to the seller began, “What’s with the airport?” Planes came in 100 feet above his new house. The noise and shaking was incredible. He didn’t notice runway.

  + “The house has a gravity problem.” The buyer discovered metal poles in the basement. The house was sinking. It had a “gravity” problem.

I don’t make this stuff up. I’m not that good.

100th tennis game this quarantine

This is Mark Johnson, my great tennis partner, yesterday:

Love this


Silliest, funniest video. Enjoy.

Useful Things to do

  + Unsubscribe. You don’t learn anything from 90% of what pours into your email box daily.

  + Get your ears cleaned. Go to a doctor who uses a miniature ice cream scoop, not drops. Best medical procedure ever. Without all that wax, you can now hear.

  + Tell your cable/Satellite TV provider to go fly a kite. Subscribe to YouTube TV. It’s got so many great features. Including it records virtually everything. So you can see shows you missed. Or shows you you missed the first five minutes of.

Latest purchases

Crowdstrike, Fastly, Spotify, WEX, WorkDay, Zoetis. The full list is in the right hand column on my web site. Click here.

It’s getting hot. We started playing tennis at 7:17 this morning. We found a tennis court with shade until 8:30. Thank God for trees.

Trump’s Tulsa speech

I watched the entire 2 hour speech.

I did hear the full story about the leather shoes and the metal ramp, the glass of water and the pricey tie that shouldn’t get wet.

I didn’t hear anything about George Floyd, police reform or the virus — except it you test more you’ll find more sick people — which is classic Trumpian “logic.”

The good news: We’re not going to war with anyone. The sad news: We’re not getting any help on the virus. The no-news. It’s 2016 all over. If the speech worked then, it will work in 2020. Maybe.

I would have liked to hear about the infrastructure bill, or what we’re doing to help the millions out of work, or a major push on a vaccine or a cure. I like Visions. I like to be thrilled.

The speech won’t sway the November election one way or the other. If he wants to win, he’d better come up with something new.

I felt sorry for Trump (my first time). The press unfairly eviscerated him on the speech. “He looked tired.” “The speech was lacking.” The New Yorker billed it as “Donald Trump’s Empty Campaign Rally in Tulsa.”

Zoom is still the greatest

All the family — from Maine to Oregon — joined a Zoom call to wish me Happy Father’s Day. Saved a lot of air fares and crowded airports. Everyone felt safe. The kids showed me all the signs they’d made for me. Zoom is amazing. They’re like Google. I bet Zoom didn’t spend a nickel on advertising and everyone knows them.  Viral still works. If you have a Google or a Zoom you want financed, call me.

See you tomorrow (after I’ve played my 102th consecutive tennis game of this Covid quarantine.

Watch that video above. It’s hysterical. — Harry Newton





  1. Omer Acikel says:

    As usual Harry, as soon you write about Mr. T. usual suspects creep out of their holes..funny. I wouldn’t count on “stay home stocks” too much. Not only they are priced at some future, it seems like we will open up to some “normalcy” no matter what. As usual, US is doing stuff backwards and some states are seeing record increases in cases. Globally though many countries are opening up and keeping covid-19 checked, And just like many states in the US … countries with heavy handed leaders, like Brazil and India, things are going the other direction. Still I am counting on “normalcy” and I bought LUV (southwest). But it was too early…still did not “take off” but hopefully on the runway! I am trying to figure out what industries will benefit front end of the rush to get out of home.

  2. Mike Nash says:

    You are not kidding about Trump and the press being unfair. He’s the greatest president of all time. (Reagan is second.) He has done so much for this nation. Well, in order to get reelected with the hostile press it’s clear that he needs to suppress voter turnout. Which I strongly back. We need to shutdown the post office prior to Nov. 3 to force Americans out of their homes and to the polls. Also, in urban areas, erase voter names from the list of those who are registered. Then on election day they stand in line for hours in their dumb Covid masks, get to the front and hear: “Oh, I’m sorry. Your name isn’t on the list. Next!” Ha-ha! Keep America Great! Remember, we only need two battleground states to take the Electoral College again!

    • Secret Squirrel says:

      Voting in person is the most secure way to vote and prevent voter fraud. Mr. Nash himself is engaging in voter suppression in his attempt to impede that.

    • Len says:

      Yup, we truly need 4 more years of children and babies in cages.

      • Dman says:

        You fucking moron. You will be forced to eat everyone of those words………
        I PROMISE!!!


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        Future Proves Past