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How the pandemic is presenting us with great investment opportunities. Plus: The Saga of the Horse in the Hospital.

Thank the pandemic for accelerating technology and presenting us with great new investment opportunities. Work at home has meant huge corporate spending on the cloud, on software, one all sorts of remote customer service companies. Companies like AMZN (with its AWS), Adobe, CRM, CRWD, DOCU, MSFT, NOW, NVDA,  SHOP, TWLO, ZM, ZS and others are benefitting hugely (and again today). You’ll find our list of stocks we like in the right hand column. Click here.

My favorite magazine, The Economist has a Special report:

    The peril and the promise
The covid-19 pandemic will accelerate change in the world economy. That brings both opportunity and danger, says Henry Curr.

It’s worth reading (and subscribing). Click here.

I just spent a two days in New York City

The offices are empty. Everyone’s at home.

The retail stores are empty. There are no foreign tourists.

The streets are full with cars driven by people who don’t trust the subway.

There’s huge construction. Funded and planned long long ago.

On September 21, 1776, a great fire destroyed 10% to 25% of the buildings in New York. The rest of the city was plundered.

In New York’s history, there have been fires, hurricanes, pandemics, depressions, and other charming events.

The city always came back because New York is a magnet for ambitious, talented people who want to be with each other.

Taylor Swift summed it up a wonderful song:

The operative words are “

“Everyone here wanted something more.”

“Everybody here was someone else before.”

Ask Alexa to play you Taylor Swift’s Welcome to New York. It’s on Amazon Music. Free, too.

Great personal pleasure

I bought this basil plant at my local supermarket. All of $2.50.

I water it. I put it in the sun. It rewards me with basil which I pluck and put on top of my mozzarella and home-grown tomatoes.

It’s The Perfect Investment.

The Fable of the Horse in the Hospital

It’s a wonderful, funny performance by a standup comedian. No names mentioned. But you’ll figure who the horse is.

Back in the country

It’s not shabby here — 65, bright azure blue sky. No clouds. No wind.

Outside my home office window. The reds are brighter and the greens are greener. Kodachrome was better.

This is Rosie, enjoying the morning sun.

Off to play my 209th game of tennis this quarantine. See you tomorrow. — Harry Newton.