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The same old lessons — Put in low bids. Don’t panic and sell when your stock drops.

Excellent twofold lessons:

1. Put in low bids (say 15% down) and hope they get filled one gloomy day. It costs nothing to leave a GTC (good till cancelled) order in forever. Buy on dips works.

2. Hang in. Your favorite stocks come back.

Here are two I stupidly sold when they fell. I’m an idiot.

Favorite new conspiracy theory

Logic (?) for the lawsuit (via an email I got sent as a member of the press).

  “My opinion is that a class action lawsuit is justified. However, the damages that the pandemic hoax has inflicted on the world are so enormous that those   responsible will double down on the police state measures in order to prevent any legal action against them. They cannot afford to accept any accountability.   The most likely scenario is that the whore media will cover for them. The attorneys and scientists who are exposing the hoax can be prevented from having   media coverage and if necessary be arrested or assassinated.”

People who believe this nonsense argue that the U.S. has more deaths each year from car accidents and the common flu. (Which is simply not true.)

In 2019, 38,800 people died on U.S. road. Here are the deaths by flu.

We have over 210,000 deaths from Covid-19 in the U.S. this year, already.

Favorite Columbia County house

People up here have figured they don’t jack up your real estate taxes until you’ve finished the house. Hence it’s better not to finish it. This one has been under construction for years. It’s actually nice inside and has a nice view on the other side.

Another favorite trick up here is to sheath your house in Tyvek.

Bingo, it never looks finished.

Useful stuff

+ Want to read web sites that won’t let you? They say: “You’ve reached your article limit.” Try going on with a different browser — Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, Opera, etc.

+ If you can’t log into a site you normally can easily log in, delete all your cookies.

+ I find the older, cheaper Apple AirPods are more comfortable, and sound the same.

+ Get yourself a flu shot NOW. They make a stronger one for old folks. Susan and I just got super-strength one yesterday at Rite-Aid in Grand Central Station, NYC. It’s free if you’re an alta kaka and have some insurance.

+ Turn off AutoCorrect on your iPhone. Your messages will suddenly make sense. Settings/General/Keyboard.

+ Fidelity’s Active Trader Pro runs lightning fast when you turn off all the Tools in Use.

Rents are dropping in New York City

From Bloomberg today:

Everything is on back order

From dogs to tennis balls.

Trump’s good deed and insightful philosophy

From today’s Ross Rant:

Trump did a good thing for everyone by getting sick. He showed the virus is not a death penalty, and now there are drugs to deal with it if caught early. The reality, despite the press pushing fear, is that most people do not get sick at all, or not very sick, and if you do get it, the chance of dying is 1% or less, and if you are healthy, it is tiny so long as it is caught very early. That is not much different than with most illness. If you act early, there is often a protocol to cure, or at least mitigate it. The media of course could not let Trump give a message of hope to everyone. The advances in medicine are terrific now, and much more is coming thanks to AI and other technologies. I see people at my tennis club in their seventies and eighties who have had all sorts of diseases and injuries, including cancer, and in two cases brain tumors, knee surgeries, hip surgeries, a mild stroke, etc, and who are out there playing tennis. I know one guy with 9 stents and one with 6 who are playing aggressively almost every day. A lot is in your head to go on with life and enjoy yourself, and be positive. As we age we all have aches and pains, and sometimes an illness, but if you just deal with it, and not let it get you down, you can have a happy and productive, and likely, more healthy period of aging. Complaining does not make the pain go away. Age is just a day on a calendar. Make the most of your time, there is no do over. As my grandmother told me at age 99, far better to die sorry for what you did, than for what you wish you had done, but no longer can.

I highlighted the last nonsense. Think this year’s Pandemic. Think Holocaust.

My favorite composer / singer

I like this picture better. I can even spy one wrinkle. She’ll be 31 in December.

More insanity from Trump

This morning Trump said he doesn’t think he’s contagious and wants to resume his rallies. I know one person who won’t be going to them — me. The press is calling him a super-spreader for his antics in the Rose Garden promoting our upcoming Supreme Court justice.

Meanwhile Pence lost all his women voters last night by constantly interrupting Harris. Not good to disrespect women. Aren’t they about half the voting population?

It’s hard to take the ongoing insanity. Not good for a peaceful life.

Better yet, watch the French Open. It’s on the Tennis Channel, on YouTubeTV.  And they’re wearing masks at the French Open.

See you tomorrow – if I last that long. — Harry Newton