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Look idiot, when a stock you like falls, you buy, not sell.

Look idiot, when a stock you like falls, you buy, not sell.

Repeat that: When a stock you like falls you buy, not sell.

Case in point. ENPH

I like ENPH. This is what it’s done in the last ten days.

I can’t figure why it cratered in the last few days. But when you do some checking, you find there’s a company called Prescience Point Capital Management that doesn’t like ENPH. Prescience keeps putting out reports saying ENPH stock is going to zero or lower. Prescience is heavily short ENPH. And Prescience is looking to make a killing as ENPH bits the dust.

Sadly, for Prescience, ENPH keeps going up.

On June 17, Prescience issued Update Two of its dismal reports on ENPH.

On June 17, ENPH was about half where it is today, even with that pullback of recent days.

ENPH and SEDG are two solar stocks that have been doing well in recent months. Some people think they’ll do really well with The Green New Deal the Democrats are talking about. I’m not pushing them at these prices. They’ve run a lot in recent months. SEDG is cheaper of the two.

I just received these two pulse oximeters

They work perfectly. If you don’t own an Apple Watch Series 6, buy one of them.

A wonderful cartoon

You’ll recognize it if you have grandchildren.  It’s brilliant. It’s Scooby-Doo.

Fargo ND just instituted a mass mask mandate

But we’ve had one for a much longer.This is Chatham, NY.

Please wear a mask. Wearing a mask reduces the amount of contagious droplets and aerosols you breathe, speak, and sneeze into the air.

Whether you’re healthy or asymptomatic, wearing a mask is a key precaution to protect you and those around you.

It protects you and them.

I have just read how droplets can travel more than six feet in the air.  Hence I have extended my own social distance to at least ten feet. And I try and limit all the time I spend in places like supermarkets and gas stations.

The Washington Post just headlined a story:

Teen on family trip spread the coronavirus to 11 relatives across 4 states after a negative test, CDC says

The article begins:

A 13-year-old girl spread the coronavirus to 11 relatives across four states this summer, despite testing negative two days before a three-week family vacation…

The trip occurred at an undisclosed location in June and July, and it infected family members from ages 9 to 72 who traveled to a home that was shared between five households. No masks or distancing measures were in place. The teen was exposed to an unspecified covid-19 outbreak in June before testing negative, the report says. Nasal congestion was her only symptom.

You can read the gruesome story here.

Yesterday The New York Times had a piece on David Letterman, 73.

The title of the piece: “He isn’t here to cheer you up.” The article was in the Arts section. It included this paragraph:

But truth be told, Letterman was in a more melancholy than mirthful frame of mind. Though he, his wife, Regina, and their son, Harry, have remained safe, he knows several people who were stricken by coronavirus, some of whom died from it. And he is deeply frustrated by what he feels have been inconsistent, nationwide efforts to inform people about the pandemic and mitigate its spread.

Spending time on stage

When I was young I spent a lot of time on-stage. Public speaking can be scary, fun, rewarding, exhilarating, and very profitable. It’s a cheap way to get free PR for yourself and your business. But it’s a skill. You need to study and learn it. And practice. practice, practice.

And see what you can learn from great speakers. Among the greatest living public speakers today is Barack Obama. Whatever you think of his politics is irrelevant. But listen to his style, his delivery and his way with logic and words. He’s very good.

He gave a classic Barack Obama speech last night in Philadelphia. He was not kind to Trump. But that’s irrelevant. Watch the speech. Study it. You’ll be a better speaker.

You’ll find it on CNN Politics. Click here. 

Apple delivered my new Series 6 watch

It’s real easy (though quirky) to set up. You customize the watch’s face with an amazing amount of information.

Top left is a pulse oximeter. If I keep tapping stocks, I get indices, graphs, stock prices and charts. On the bottom is the percentage of battery remaining on the watch, News is next and then inbound emails. Tap the right hand button and you get access to basically all the apps on your iPhone. It’s amazing technology.

Tip: Get the color space grey. It’s almost black. I bought silver, which was a mistake.

I am enjoying the incredible Fall in Columbia County

Here’s yesterday.

Our patio.

We played our 222nd game of tennis this morning. Stay well. Take masks seriously. I am. — Harry Newton