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Be wary of Thanksgiving. Why Trump is contesting the election. A handful of interesting stocks.

Please stay home for Thanksgiving

This virus is increasingly out of control. Wait to celebrate Thanksgiving next Spring, when we have a vaccine.

What’s the urgency to celebrate this year? Look  at this frightening chart:

Chart by by 

Think about this: If you get into a car accident around Thanksgiving, there won’t be a hospital bed for you in many parts of the country. The hospitals are stuffed with coronavirus patients, many of whom are dying. Moreover, hospitals are dangerous places, full of super-spreaders.

Stay home. Stay safe. Give Zoom some business. I bet it’s still a buy. This is Zoom year to date:

Meanwhile, this is granddaughter, Eleanor, 7 this Saturday.

Her mother, a senior business executive, spends her life on Zoom.

This morning Eleanor asked her mother why she bothers to put on makeup when she could use a Zoom filter.

I bet you didn’t know Zoom had filters. I didn’t. Kids are hugely tech savvy these days.

Useful stuff

+ Your iPhone can Silence Unknown Callers” and send them directly to your voice mail. This has its pros and cons.

+ If they do MOHS surgery on your ear, make sure they don’t mess with your ear’s ability to wear Apple AirPods.

+ Never ever tell someone something that they can check on Google. And instantly find that you’re wrong.

+ Watch out for signing up for free trials. In new apps on the Apple Store, you simply click “Yes” to the free trial and Apple bills you forever. No credit card. No nothing. Just endless bills.

+ Check Engine Light on? Check your gas cap. Wipe it. Tighten it. Then reboot your car.

+ Check. Check. Check. Check your texts. Apple can change your meaning. My recommendation: Turn off AutoCorrect.

Why Trump is fighting his election loss

The Washington Post headlined

“Trump’s election challenge looks like a scam to line his pockets”

President Trump isn’t really trying to overturn the election. He’s simply running one more scam before he leaves office that would enable him to enrich himself.

That’s the way it appears, at least, from the scores of fundraising emails his campaign has sent out since the election. He seems to be asking for funds to challenge the election, but the fine print shows that the money could let him line his own coffers. The tin-pot-dictator routine looks more as if it’s about passing the tin cup.

“They’re trying to STEAL this Election,” declared one such Trump campaign fundraising missive from “Donald J. Trump, President of the United States” on Wednesday afternoon. “I promise you my team is fighting the clock to DEFEND the integrity of this Election, but we cannot do it alone. We need EVERY Patriot, like YOU, to step up and make sure we have the resources to keep going. … Please contribute ANY AMOUNT RIGHT NOW to DEFEND the Election.”

If the 72 million people who voted for Trump each gave $15, that’s over $1 billion. A tidy sum. Completely legal.

You can read the rest of the Wash Post’s piece here.

This is Saturday Night Live poking fun at the election

Wonderful cartoons

I’ve updated the list of stocks we like. Not much has changed. I do tend to like PINS, ZM and ROKU. More about streaming TV tomorrow. I’m not turned on by the vaccine stocks, like Pfizer and Moderna. Too hard.

My friend Pete Rawlings has a neat theory; Buy puts when 85% of the stocks in any particular sector get above their 200 day moving  average. If then, there is likely to be a selloff.

I strained my back doing some Honey-Dos. This stuff actually helps:

See you tomorrow. Harry Newton