The best way to help our medical workers isn’t to stand at our windows at 7 p.m. cheering or to give them thank-you water bottles. It’s to stay out of their ERs and ICUs by keeping ourselves and our neighbors safe.

You can read ProPublica’s article here. 

Painful time in the market also

As infections and deaths pile up (with no help from Washington and no mass vaccinations until Spring at the earliest), it will be a difficult time in stockmarkets. As investors search around, one beneficiary is bitcoin, up significantly in the last month:

It’s done better than gold shares in the last month.

I have no idea where bitcoin is going. But there are smart investors who see it as something to own for a rainy day. Sort of like gold, except it’s done better than gold in the last month. Over the past five years, GLD has done well: But not as well as our tech stocks.

In short, our stocks are weak today. But could be better next week. It’s very hard to make predictions in this choppy market. Which is why I’m staying with what I own and occasionally nibbling at stocks I hear something interesting about — e.g. Ford and PINS.

If you have a little spare money, pick up a few of the stocks taking a pounding today, like PTON, ZM, ZS, CRWD, TDOC, and NVDA. Or, if you’re thoroughly confused, buy Vanguard VGT and VTI index funds. VGT is tech. VTI is full market.