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Can’t travel? Long for incredible beauty? Flip through these incredible photos

Look at these beautiful photos. I wish I were somewhere there.

How frustrating investing can be

How do you find good stocks? You look at what you’re buying and are happy with. Usually this works — viz. Apple, Amazon, Costco, Home Depot, Nike, Zoom Video, Generac, Roku and Square. But not always. I’m in love with IcyHot and all the Gold Bond skin care products.

Turns out they’re all made by a company called Chattem, based in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Turns out, sadly (for me) that they’re owned by a french pharma company, called Sanofi, whose stock has not done much in the last five years, except go up and down.

So much for that idea.

Logitech sparkles

I missed Logitech as an investment. Neat chart. The demand for its work-at-home gadgetry has been intense. But the stock has had a huge run.  Wait for it to come in a little more…

Everyone is on Zoom. But most everyone’s zoom feed looks and sounds awful — largely because their old laptop wasn’t made for decent videoconferencing. Hence, buy this new LogicTech gadgetry: I haven’t used it yet. But the specs are awesome:

It’s $200, but I suspect worth every penny. Notice that it uses an USB-C plug. It works well with Macs and newer laptops. Check here.

Latest tips

+ Don’t sign up for anything. Unsubscribe doesn’t work.

+ Don’t sign up for trial periods. They’ll keep billing you forever.

+ Turn off auto-correct on your iPhone. Settings/General/Keyboard/Auto-correction. Try it. you can always turn it back on.

+ My friend Matt lost 31 pounds in ten months. He drinks a gallon of water a day. He follows Weight Watchers ($25 a month). Cheaper: Eat less — if you have the discipline.

+ Don’t give your money to any one else to manage. Mismanage it yourself. More fun. Start with a handful of cheap, good Vanguard funds — VTI, VGT and VBR.

+ Delta may be the safest airline — if you have to fly. Try not to.

+ Stay home for Thanksgiving.

+ How to fix something — anything — can be found on YouTube. It’s an amazing resource.

+ Men’s suits are on sale everywhere. But no one is wearing them. Hint: Diversification in business really works.

Two runoff races in Georgia could give the Democrats the Senate

The goal is to have the Senate, the House and the Presidency in the same Democratic control. Hence no gridlock. Get something done. Like  a well-funded, well-organized program to attack this pandemic. Get the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines out to everyone. Make vaccines mandatory — like measles.

“Winning these two races will depend on getting out the Democratic vote (all mail-in ballots must be requested again), and that is going to require lots of TV time, lots of bodies, lots of social media advertising, so lots of money.

There are two key places to give money to:

+ Stacey Abrams operation; Click here.

+ The Georgia Senate Victory Fund. Click here.

Eleanor turned 7 on the weekend

We did a Zoom call. I held up 4 x 6 cards.

 She read them all flawlessly, including this trick one. Susan says everyone can read at 7. But I’m impressed. Doesn’t take much to impress grandfathers. I wish I could fly out to see her. I’m scared of this virus. It’s getting worse and worse. Look at today’s numbers:

At dinner parties and game nights, casual American life is fueling the coronavirus surge.

I know it’s boring staying at home. But it’s even more boring being dead.

I like this

He is a source of endless, great humor

How could anyone be so callous?

More than 130 Secret Service officers are said to be infected with coronavirus or quarantining in wake of Trump’s campaign travel

The dramatic impact of the virus on the Secret Service’s presidential protection unit comes as growing numbers of prominent Trump allies and White House officials have fallen ill also.

For the full story, click here.

Rotation into value stocks 

I bought a few GE and Ford. Cramer’s ideas.

I wish picking stocks were easier. I’m tempted to buy more Apple. I get my new iPhone 12 Pro Max this Friday. I’m told it’s awesome. I love my Apple Watch, the latest Series.

I played my 246th consecutive day of tennis this morning. Francis just played two weeks of tennis every day. He says he feels great. He’s also much faster on the court. We played on the weekend. He looks happier too.

Exercise is good. It cures stress, anxiety, etc. Tennis is good because you’re focusing on winning the game, not on reps and stupid machines in a germy gym.

See you tomorrow — Harry Newton