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Back to normal. It’s a nice feeling. God Bless America.

Nice to be back to normal. Biden introduced some cabinet nominees. I listened to Kamala. I listed to Kerry. They’re a huge  difference. They will work for America, for you and I. All his cabinet nominees are intelligent , hard-working, experienced people who will make the world (and the U.S.) a safer, better place.

If I sound corny I’m sorry. I’m tearing up.

For the first time in four years, I’m proud to stand and say I’m an American.

I wasn’t born here. I immigrated and became an American of my own free will.

It was a good decision. Especially the way I feel today.

I feel relief. The four years of Trump madness are almost over.

Our new Secretary of State:

In the spring of 1945, in a Nazi slave labor camp 50 miles from Dachau, convict No. B-1713 heard powerful explosions pierce the night air. The guards said the “enemy” was advancing and herded the prisoners together to be marched back to Dachau.

They marched for most of three days. At dawn, on the third day, a squadron of Allied fighter planes, coming upon what they thought was a column of Nazi troops, swooped low to strafe them.

As the SS-troops hit the dirt and began firing their machine guns, one of the prisoners shouted “run for it!” A group of them ran towards the forest for the trees. The explosions caught most of them, but six, including convict No. B-1713, made made it into the forest alive.

He hid in the hayloft of an abandoned Bavarian barn. Days passed. And then one afternoon he peaked through a crack in the wooded slats and saw a huge tank leading an armored convoy heading toward him.

He looked for the swastika on its side. Instead, he saw a five-pointed white star. He ran from the barn, charging toward the tank, screaming and waving his arms.

From the tank’s hatch emerged CPL Bill Ellington, of the all-Black 761st, son of a slave.

B-1713, who had lost his family and survived four years in the camps, fell to his knees before Ellington and repeated the few English words he knew: God Bless America! God Bless America!

Ellington lifted him into the hatch–and into freedom. Convict No. B-173 was named Samuel Pisar. He became an American citizen, a successful lawyer. His stepson, Tony Blinken (@ABlinken<>), will become America’s next Secretary of State. God Bless America! God Bless America!

Biden said one of his first moves will be to give 11 million people here illegally a path to normalcy, also.

To do that Biden needs the White House (he will have that). He needs the House (he will have that). He needs the Senate. Whether he gets it depends on the upcoming run-off election in Georgia. We must get Ossoff and Warnock elected. Give money to them directly, e.g. here,  or give money to TurnUp, which I’ve written about. Click here.

Latest figures from TurnUp:

+ 1.42 million impressions to 17.5 and 18 year olds on Snapchat and TikTok – reaching each one in Georgia 5 times.

+ 8,000 of them connected with a voter registration application.

+ Less than 2 weeks until the Dec 7 deadline for registration.

To give money to TurnUp (which I prefer), click here.

Thanksgiving will be the superspreader event of all times.

Wait till you see this chart around Christmas. It will be horrendous.

Please don’t travel this Thanksgiving. Please don’t crowd indoors.

Thanksgiving is a made-up holiday. Postpone it to June 2021 when you have your vaccine and it’s safe to travel. Why put yourself at risk for turkey that doesn’t taste good in the best of times?

Some favorite technology from PC Magazine

This is the laptop I use every day, including to write today’s blog:

You can read all PC Mag’s recommendations here. 

I plucked a few that I liked:


I’d add all the Roku devices, the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max, and the latest Apple Watch.

My three main go-to daily technologies: Lenovo X1 Carbon laptop, the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the Apple Watch.

This is too cute not to include.

Click on the video link.

The latest Andy Borowitz

Trump Blasts Biden Cabinet’s Lack of Reality-Show Experience
“These people have never earned an immunity idol, presided over a rose ceremony, or danced with a star,” the outgoing President said.

Tennis now

I played my 261 game of tennis at 6:00 AM this morning. We had to play that early because everybody and his uncle have fled New York City for Columbia County, NY and everybody wants to play tennis. Which is sort of good for me, since I own a teeny tiny part of the Old Chatham Tennis Club which is indoors and glorious.  Invitation: Come visit.

In Spring of 2019 I replaced all 62 of the the old, pricey, unreliable halogen lights with new LEDs. We’re now saving about 80% on electricity. We’ve lost only one bulb in those 18 months. We used to lose halogens every week.  It’s a miracle. Technology works.

And, if you don’t believe me, check out what our portfolio is doing today. Be thankful. And don’t travel. Zoom your relatives. Zoom stock is up nicely today.

See  you soon. — Harry Newton