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Tech stocks have rebounded. Why I feel optimistic. Dr Fauci’s copy-able lifestyle. More on bitcoin. Trump’s Riot Watch Party.

Two days ago I wrote, “Stocks On Sale.” Boy was I right. Here are the last five days:

There, of course , a million naysayers. BubbleVision (CNBC, Business Insider etc) is full of learned hedge fund managers who think Tesla and Zoom (and others) are too high. Fact is, they are too high. But, if I told you to sell them two months ago, when they were still too high, I’d look stupid — oops, more stupid than I already look.

There are “strategies”:

+ Take some money off the table.

+ Sell some if the stock falls 15%.

+ Sell some if fundamentals really change — like an unexpected loss, accounting problems,etc.

My portfolio — the one listed on my web site — is virtually all tech. Occasionally I’ll buy a little “value” stock in areas BubbleVision (and Cramer) tells me are going to boom when the economy goes back to “normal.” Stocks like AAL, WMT, UPS or NCLH. For now, they don’t seem to work out, at least for me. I suspect that that’s because they have no scaleable, explosive technology. No buzz. No excitement. My ten most successful holdings remain (in order) AAPL, TSLA, SQ, AMZN, CRWD, ENPH, SHOP, GNRC, MELI and PTON.

What Biden needs to do — it’s very simple

+ Get a vaccine into most everyone’s arm. (See below).

+ Get some relief money into places it’s needed — like the unemployed.

The ten-year T-bill is around 1%. To fix health and the economy for one percent is the cheapest, best investment our government can ever make. I’m optimistic Biden has the brains. And now he has all three branches of government, we’re off to the races.

Thanks to everyone of my readers who sent money to Georgia. We won those two seats.

I’m buying more of what I own and looking for new ones, like KEYS and LOOP.

Among my biggest gainers are ENPH and SEDG — companies that add intelligence to solar.

I also get one gig Internet at my country home in Columbia County. Which is amazing. I went from 7 meg to a thousand megs on my new fiber line — in one fell swoop. That’s the magic of light.

For more, today’s Economist with its 12-page Technology Quarterly, just landed on my desk. I love their tech quarterlies.

They also have a big piece on crypto currencies and bitcoin, which keeps going up without me. Drat.

Look what I found in the latest Men’s Health magazine

He’s 80 — 18months older than I am. And handsomer too. I bet I play better tennis. Maybe.

Let me be clear, not everyone should get the vaccine. There have been allergic reactions.Most are temporary. But there are some long-term diseases like recurring remitting MS that really do badly with the vaccine — like put the patient into a wheelchair and make them blind.

Funniest article I’ve read in eons:

   Here’s Why Car Thefts Are Soaring (Hint: Check Your Cup Holder)
The technology that once made cars nearly impossible to steal has ushered in a new era of joyriding in some cities, thanks to      carelessness with key fobs.

You don’t need a key to start a car these days. The owner left the key fob.

In Hartford, the police have traced the surge to teenagers joyriding in from the suburbs. In Los Angeles, stolen cars reappear so frequently that the police believe thieves are using them like Ubers.

And in New York City, a related but different problem has emerged as more drivers leave their cars running to make pit stops and deliveries during the pandemic, making their cars easy targets for thieves who can simply drive away, even without a fob.

Read the New York Times piece here.

Thoughts for the weekend

That’s it for today. Read the Economist this weekend. It’s my favorite magazine. They do really good work.

My father used to say “Take a little money home.”

Harry Newton