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Rosie sleeps too much. Bitcoin doesn’t sleep enough. PayPal has some cute bitcoin graphics.

We’re stuck at home. Our problems are overwhelming.

+ “Rosie’s always sleeping. There must be something wrong with her.”

Quick. Rush to Dr. Google:

According to experts at the National Sleep Foundation, it’s normal for dogs to spend about 50% of their day asleep. Another 30% of the day is spent “resting,” while dogs are active, just about 20% of the day. This is pretty normal for carnivores — lions spend 18 or more hours per day sleeping and resting!

Rosie awake:

Next problem:

My friends are getting rich on bitcoin

But I’m not.

I was just about to buy some GBTC this morning. But, by the time I got back from tennis, it had fallen 17.50%. That was yesterday. Still, had I been smart a year ago I could have gotten stinking rich with GBTC, the only “ETF” to to play bitcoin. Today, Tuesday, GBTC is up 5.70%.

Look at bitcoin over the last year –to yesterday. (But not much different this morning.)

Look at the GBTC over the past year compared with the “miserable” performance of the Dow, Nasdaq and the S&P500. They’re down the bottom.

While you’re splitting your sides with envy, don’t. We also own ENPH. It’s done much better than bitcoin in the past 12 months.

That doesn’t mean it won’t go to $100,000 by Christmas. In fact, it clearly will. I am receiving several emails a day from bitcoin “experts,” whom I can interview (for free).

In case you didn’t know (or care), I’m on everybody ‘s press mailing list who’s trying to hype bitcoin into the ionosphere.

Want to hype something, buy a press emailing list — there’s millions of them — a send out creative mailers every ten minutes.

To my tiny brain, bitcoin and its million other brother cryptocurrencies, are a stretch. Everything about them is “hard.” They’re hard to buy. They’re hard to sell. When I started reading about GBTC — the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust — my brain fogged up. It’s not a real ETF, though it does charge 2% a year management fees and claims to have $20.7 billion under management. That means it’s getting $414 million in fees a year. Nice work if you can get it.

I can buy and sell bitcoin now through Paypal. Click here. I do like this note on PayPal’s web site:

Maybe bitcoin will hit $100,000? Maybe it won’t. I’d rather play with real companies doing real things and earn money I can spend at my local supermarket. I could keep writing about how 20% of bitcoins have disappeared. I could write about “mining” bit coins in Iceland where electricity is cheap and the locals love gambling…

Take a flyer. You got to admit PayPal’s graphics are cute. They’re animated with flying birds and everything.

More fun stuff

Last Sunday I sent everyone an email:

A video from Arnold, A report from the New York Times on “Battle Cry of a Disparate Mob” and The Case for Removing Trump

If you missed it, here’s the email:

In PDF format: Sunday January 10

Please check the list of our stocks. I made some changes.

See you tomorrow. — Harry Newton.

Breaking News

I just received this email:

Dear media representatives,

Atlas VPN team found that blockchain hackers stole nearly $3.78 billion in 122 attacks throughout 2020. Blockchain-linked attacks that happened last year alone account for almost a third (33%) of all time hacks aimed at blockchain projects.

The report shows that:

+ In 2020, blockchain hackers stole $3.78 billion in 122 hack events.
+ ETH DApps had the most hacks —  47 successful attacks cost victims around $436.36 million.
+ Next up were cryptocurrency exchanges — 28 breaches amounted to $300.15 million in losses.
+ Blockchain wallets occupy the third spot in the list — 27 hacks amounted to $3.03 billion in losses.
+ Blockchain wallet hacks were the most profitable, netting cybercriminals around $112.12 million per breach.
+ The number of blockchain-related hacks in 2020 dropped by 8% compared to 2019.

I don’t know what all this means.

But today, Tesla, Plug Power, DocuSign, Amazon, TelaDoc, Trade Desk, ETSY and others are doing just fine.

I did a wonderful cross court backhand today. In stunned amazement, my partner shouted, “Where did that come from?”