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If this doesn’t scare you, nothing will.

Look carefully at these photographs. Covid is not a pretty picture. These photographs make me ten times more careful.

I enlarged these photographs from this slide: 

The slide came from a brilliant conversation yesterday — Stéphane Bancel, CEO of Moderna, and Michael Cembalest, Chairman of Market and Investment Strategy for J.P. Morgan Asset and Wealth Management.

What I’m learning about the virus:

+ Young people can give it to you and me. They may be asymptomatic and never have any symptoms. So you never know.

+ The new mutations are more transmissible. But the present vaccines will work against them.

+ The vaccines really work.

The good news: Susan and I just got our first shot. It was Moderna. It didn’t hurt.  We’re psyched.

I’m sending today’s blog from the basketball gym of Columbia Greene County College, where we got the shots. I’m walking on clouds.

See you later. — Harry Newton